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Djezet is a rust-red liquid and is among the most common of starmetals. Scientists have found no temperature at which this starmetal becomes solid in its pure form. It reacts strongly to magic, guiding eldritch energy much as copper guides electric currents. Crafters use djezet frequently in hybrid items and magic items. Items incorporating djezet are usually made with an alloy using djezet and steel.

Any weapon with metal components, even those that deal only energy damage, can be made of djezet alloy. Such a weapon is considered to be 2 item levels lower when determining which fusion seals can be applied to the weapon, but it is considered to be 2 item levels higher when determining the total level of fusions that can be applied to the weapon.

If djezet is properly incorporated into a hybrid or magic item, the saving throw DC for magical effects that item creates increases by 2. This increase also applies to magical effects created by weapons. Djezet can also be worked into armor composites. If you wear djezet-enhanced armor, you act as if your caster level were 1 higher for determining the range and duration of your spells, and for caster level checks. If you can’t cast spells, djezet-laced armor provides no benefit to you.