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Creatures by Type

Creatures are divided into one of the following types. A creature generally only has one Type but may have more than one subtype graft.



Aberrations have a bizarre anatomy, strange abilities, an alien mindset, or any combination of the three.

Examples: cephalume, ijtikri, ijtikri commando, skreeling (skreesire), skreesire, yithian, yithian elder


Animals are a living, nonhuman, generally “natural” creature, usually a vertebrate with no magical abilities and no innate capacity for language or culture.

Examples: alural war wolliped, defrex, defrex juvenile, irokiroi, oshirokiroi (irokiroi), wolliped


A construct is an animated object or artificially created creature, like a golem or robot.

Examples: rendalairn, animated lashunta mind mail III (animated armor), animated lictor Hellknight plate (animated armor), neutronium golem, tekenki, weaponized gamedroid (weaponized toy)


Dragons are reptile-like creatures, usually winged, with magical or unusual abilities.

Examples: mature adult horacalcum dragon


Fey are fairy-like creatures with supernatural abilities and connections to nature. Fey are usually human-shaped.

Examples: albedo lucandrian, hobkins gremlin, hobkins gremlin malefactor, gwahled (starship), lightweaver (lurker in light), lurker in light, perigean lucandrian


Humanoids usually have two arms, two legs, and one head, or a human-like torso, arms, and a head. humanoids have few or no supernatural or extraordinary abilities, but most can speak and usually have well-developed societies. They are usually Small or Medium (with the exception of giants). Every humanoid creature also has a specific subtype to match its race, such as human, dark folk, or goblinoid.

Examples: brenneri ambassador, brenneri sage, dessamar imago, dessamar theurgist, dirindi fabulist, dirindi monster hunter, espraksa, espraksa performer, shakalta star-guardian, shatori analyst, shatori theorist, shimreen warrior, shimreen worker, troll, void troll

Magical Beasts

Magical beasts are similar to animals but can have Intelligence scores higher than 2 (in which case the creature knows at least one language, but can’t necessarily speak). Magical Beasts usually have supernatural or extraordinary abilities, but are sometimes merely bizarre in appearance or habits.

Examples: blinking telelith, diaspora wyrm, diaspora wyrm sage, dromada, dromada vigilante, giant space kothama, kothama ascendant, tardigrade, hanakan attendant, soulstone hunter (hanakan), swarming telelith

Monstrous Humanoids

Monstrous humanoids are similar to humanoids, but with monstrous or animalistic features. They often have magical abilities as well.

Examples: flayer leech effigy, formian queen, izalguun healer, izalguun hunter, jinsul base commander, jinsul warrior, morlamaw, morlamaw mayor, philosopher worm, philosopher worm teleologarch, sazaron sage, sazaron scholar, spathinae explorer, spathinae guard, stridermander, stridermander tyrant, Swarm dissolver, Swarm xersk, telia, telia raconteur


Oozes are amorphous or mutable creatures, usually mindless.

Examples: ferrofluid magneto-cluster (ferrofluid ooze), ferrofluid ooze, quantum slime, thorgothrel


Outsiders are at least partially composed of the essence (but not necessarily the material) of some plane other than the Material Plane. Some creatures start out as some other type and become outsiders when they attain a higher (or lower) state of spiritual existence.

Examples: aspecna (spectra), hyperspace architect (hyperspace native), equinoxian apastra, equinoxian periastra, iridia (spectra), paraforan, paraforan fragment, time dimensional, time eater (hyperspace native), valkyrie


Plant creatures are (generally) vegetable creatures. Note that regular plants, such as one finds growing in gardens and fields, lack Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores; even though plants are alive, they are objects, not creatures.

Examples: hortinarch (hortus), hortus, oracle of Oras, raxilite bioengineer, raxilite researcher, vracinea


Examples: blinking telelith, giant space tardigrade, gwahled, swarming telelith


Undead are once-living creatures animated by spiritual or supernatural forces.

Examples: driftdead, driftdead amalgam, tzitzimitl, varculak marauder, varculak noble, vorthuul


This type includes insects, arachnids, other arthropods, worms, and similar invertebrates.

Examples: diatha, diatha elder, flayer leech

Subtype Grafts

Elemental Starship Grafts

Source SF:AA4

The four types of elemental starship grafts are listed below. These grafts function similarly to the simple template grafts used for non-starship creatures, providing minor changes to the main stat block as well as additional abilities.

Air Elemental Starship Graft

Despite being made of living wind, starship-sized elementals from the Elemental Plane of Air are surrounded by a mystical field of energy that keeps them from dissipating in a vacuum.

Traits: Air subtype; increase speed by 2; reduce distance between turns by 1 (if already 0, the elemental instead gains a +2 bonus to Piloting checks); reduce Piloting bonus by 1; whirlwind flyby (see below); Languages: Auran.

Whirlwind Flyby (Ex)

When a starship-sized air elemental successfully performs the flyby stunt, in addition to it firing at a chosen quadrant of the enemy vessel at close range during the next gunnery phase, the enemy vessel takes a –2 penalty to AC and TL until the start of the next round and is turned to face the direction of the air elemental’s choosing.

Earth Elemental Starship Graft

Elementals from the Elemental Plane of Earth tend to be composed of dirt, stone, and crystal, and they are sometimes mistaken for asteroids and comets.

Traits: Earth subtype; increase AC by 2; increase distance between turns by 1 (maximum 4); earthen fortifications (see below); Languages: Terran.

Earthen Fortifications (Ex)

Penalties from critical damage conditions for the starship-sized earth elemental are reduced by 1.

Fire Elemental Starship Graft

Burning nearly as hot as a star, spacebound elementals from the Elemental Plane of Fire speed through the inky darkness searching for ways to return to their home plane.

Traits: Fire subtype; increase speed by 4; reduce Piloting bonus by 2; +4 bonus to Piloting checks for determining when to act during the helm phase; burning blasts (see below); Languages: Ignan.

Burning Blasts (Ex)

Attacks from a starship-sized fire elemental are hot enough to melt starship hulls. The fire elemental increases damage dealt to Hull Points (not damage that depletes Shield Points) by an amount equal to its tier (minimum 1).

Water Elemental Starship Graft

Starship-sized elementals from the Elemental Plane of Water retain their liquid forms even within the void of space.

Traits: Water subtype; increase TL by 2; –1 penalty to gunnery checks; slippery stunts (see below); Languages:Aquan.

Slippery Stunts (Ex)

When a starship-sized air elemental successfully performs a back off, barrel roll, evade, or slide stunt, and the result of the check exceeds the DC by 5 or more, the elemental can turn to face any direction at the end of its movement.