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Shotalashu Saddle

Level 1; Price 300; Bulk —

This traditional saddle for shotalashu riders is adorned with small, colorful gems and engraved with intricate images of lashunta culture. More than a simple decoration, however, a shotalashu saddle amplifies and solidifies the lashunta’s telepathic bond with its mount through a series of telepathic relays that serve as conductors from the rider’s body to the shotalashu’s. While riding a shotalashu saddle, you gain a +5 bonus on Survival checks to ride the shotalashu. While austere, mass-produced shotalashu saddles that provide the same benefit as handmade versions certainly exist, most lashuntas consider it disrespectful to their mount not to use a lovingly crafted artisanal saddle. Particularly beautiful saddles often serve as cherished heirlooms, passed down through generations, and it’s not uncommon for lashuntas to mark special milestones in their loved ones’ lives with the gift of a new shotalashu saddle. A functional shotalashu saddle costs 300 credits, though particularly elaborate or ancient specimens may be worth many times more.

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