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Void Tracker

A void tracker is excellent in a void environment, often taking important roles in the crew of a spacefaring vessel including helmsman or tactical officer.

Role: Void trackers are excellent additions to bounty hunting groups, able to follow their quarry through dangerous sections of the void. They often fill the role of pilots in their adventuring groups.

Alignment: Void trackers tend toward the neutral and alignments, as it is easiest to justify doing anything to catch your quarry if you don’t worry about petty things like good and evil.

2nd-Level Alternative Class Feature

Void Instinct (Ex): A void tracker adds half her level (minimum +1) on Piloting checks to plot a course in the void or when trying to follow another vessel.

12th-Level Alternative Class Feature

Know the Void (Su): At 12th level, a void tracker’s sense of the void increases even more. When plotting a course through the void with a successful Piloting check, failing the check by 4 or less counts as success, and results in plotting a correct course. If you fail the check by 14 or less, you realize that you’ve plotted a faulty course and must attempt the check again before you can make the journey.

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