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Cerebral Damais

Damais are embattled survivors known for their ingenuity, their zest for life, and even their recklessness even in the face of impossible odds. Damais are adaptable, if a bit impetuous, and their motivations for striving ever toward the stars are as variable as the night sky.

Alternate Ability Adjustments

Though many damais rely on strong personality to pursue their fortunes, some find themselves naturally more capable in soaking up knowledge, and they apply it to practical use in their daily lives. Damai legend claims that these cerebral, frail members of their species, once far more numerous, were responsible for magnificent advancements in science, technology, and magic. A cerebral damai’s ability adjustments are +4 Intelligence, –2 Constitution.

Alternate Racial Traits

Some individuals sometimes have unique abilities, represented by the following alternate racial traits. Damais with the empathic imprint trait are most likely to become Guardians.

Brazen Bravado

Many damais rely on their incredible force of personality and in-the-moment ingenuity to get themselves out of scrapes, rather than on the survival skills common among their fellows.

Damais with this racial trait gain a +2 racial bonus to Bluff and Sense Motive checks. In addition, when they aid another creature using one of these skills, the aid another bonus they provide increases to +3.

This replaces survivor.

Empathic Imprint

Some damais are born with an innate connection to the feelings and moods of those around them, and they can focus this empathy to glean insights that others normally could not. Once per day, a damai with this racial trait can cast mindlink as a spelllike ability. The caster level for this effect equals the damai’s level.

This replaces survivor.

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