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Proud and courageous, undines are humans whose ancestry has been touched by beings of elemental waer. Colloquially undines are often classified as genekin because most undines trace their watery lineage back to marid ancestors or possess physical traits commonly associated with mariads.

Physical Description

Burly and lean, the undine silhouette is almost exactly like that of a lithe human, though their digits are webbed and their bodies possess finlike ridges on the top and sides of their head, as well as on their hips and down their backs. Undines have skin that mirror the color of lakes, rivers, and oceans, ranging from crystal clear blue to murky greens and browns. An undine skin is slick and smooth to the touch like rubber, and many naturally ooze fluids that keep their skin moist in all but the driest environments. Undines lack body hair of any sort, and their eyes have two sets of eye lids; one set similar to those possessed by humans, and a second, translucent set that protects their eyes while they are underwater. Although most undines appear similarly to humans because they are born because of elemental presence within one’s blood, in theory they can appear similar to any humanoid race that claims mariad ancestry or the power of elemental water — humans are simply the most common appearance because of their sheer numbers and expansiveness.

Home World

Undines call any world where humans can arise their home, as they are born from human parents who have some form of watery or frigid elemental taint in their blood. Historically, this typically arose from an elemental bloodline, but after the disaster, undines began spontaneously appearing in great numbers amount the human survivors of the geniekin home world, a world ravaged by elemental forces following fluctuations in space-time that weakened the barriers between the Material Plane and the elemental planes. While some undines are still born of ancient bloodlines to this day, most call this world or one of its habitable moons their home world.

Society And Alignment

Undine society is much like human society, a direct consequence of most undines being born of human descent. Compared to humanity, undine society is flexible and adaptable, though they always try to properly assess the situation and act accordingly.

Action in undine society is much like the movement of water; capable of quick, rapid bursts as evidenced by raging rivers and flash floods, but also capable of slow deliberation, like moving glaciers or rivers that carve valleys from stone over millennia. Undine society mostly centers itself on the genekin home world of Halameh, where undine numbers are highest. Outside of Halameh, undines tend to simply blend in as best they can with other societies, especially human society, which they tend to mesh in well enough.


Undines are flexible and adaptable, and as a result they hold few biases or prejudices towards other races. They prefer to have neutral, business-like relationships with foreigners whenever possible, however, and are slow to fully accept outsiders into their folds. Undines often find ifrits puzzling, and are somewhat off-put by the inflexibility displayed by oreads. They tend to have good relations with aquatic creatures that respect their autonomy, and willing to trade openly with nearly all land-dwelling races for metal and cloth, though relations tend to chill beyond this.


Just as water is carried far by wind and current, undines often find themselves drawn into life outside of their insular, underwater communities at the behest of friends and family. Although undines aren’t physically brawny, their courage and wisdom makes them valuable friends and devoted companions, and their ability to survive indefinitely in underwater environments often makes them invaluable companions where diving is concerned.

Undines make skilled operatives thanks to their ability, especially when dealing with underwater missions, and their finesse makes them skilled soldiers, provided they stick to ranged weaponry. Many undines enjoy tinkering with machines and ultimately become mechanics, and their deep connection with nature, particularly water, makes them suited to becoming mystics.


Undine names largely depend upon the culture in which the undine was raised. Undine raised primarily among humans often take human names, but many wind up with Aquan names or names that sound Aquan in origin. Undine names often sound like gurgles or sputters, such as those made while underwater or speaking with water in one’s mouth. Some examples of undine names are Afzara, Aven, Baarah, Bhoodahz, Calah, Dharak, Ghiv, Ghodoj, Iryani, Jamash, Maakor, Maarin, Nylgune, Ondir, Pari, Radabeh, Radid, Shiradahz, Urdahna, and Zomanda.

Racial Traits

+2 Dex, +2 Wis, –2 Str.

Hit Points: 4

Size and Type

Undines are outsiders with the native subtype and are Medium. They have a base speed of 30 feet and a swim speed of 30 feet, which allows them to move in water without making Swim checks and grants them a +8 bonus on all Athletics checks to swim.

Special Abilities

Aquatic Anatomy: Undines can breathe both air and water, so they never need to hold their breath while underwater. Additionally, undines don’t take any penalties on attack rolls when fighting underwater, and they are immune to all environmental conditions involving depth or pressure. In addition, undines add Athletics to their list of class skills.

Darkvision: Undines have darkvision, allowing themto see with no light source at all to a range of 60 feet in black and white only.

Hydraulic Control (Sp): Undines can extinguish any non-magical fire with a total area of up to 5 square feet with a touch without harming themselves in the process. Once per day, undines can use this ability to launch a quick blast of water at one creature or square within 30 feet. This acts as a bull rush, disarm, dirty trick (blind or dazzle only), or trip combat maneuver, except undines make ranged attacks with this ability instead of melee attacks, and they can use their level in place of their base attack bonus on their attack roll.

Water Resistance: Undines gain cold resistance 5 as well as a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against cold- and water-based effects and attacks.

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