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Possessing otherworldly grace and majesty, aasimar are born from the union of mortals and celestial beings— from angels to azatas, and agathions to archons.

Aasimars never claim direct lineage to an outsider parent—theirs is a faded light than is many generations removed. Although aasimars can theoretically be born from any race, the sheer abundance of humanity ensures that most these admittedly rare beings are born to human parents and possess humanlike features.

Ability Adjustments: +2 to any one ability score

Hit Points: 4

Racial Traits

Size and Type

Aasimars are outsiders with the native subtype and are Medium. They have a base speed of 30 feet.

Celestial Resistances

Aasimars gain acid resistance 5, cold resistance 5, and electricity resistance 5. In addition, aasimars gain spell resistance 6 + their character level against spells with the evil descriptor.

Exalted Presence

Aasimars gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks.

Exalted Lineage

Aasimars have darkvision, allowing them to see with no light source at all to a range of 60 feet in black and white only. Additionally, they gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.

Light of the Heavens (Sp)

Aasimars can manifest a halo of light as a standard action, which functions like a portable light with an item level equal to or less than the aasimar’s level. An aasimar chooses what model of portal light that the halo functions as each time the halo is manifested. Additionally, aasimars gain the following spell-like ability: 1/ day—daylight. The caster level for these effects is equal to the aasimar’s level.

Physical Description

Aasimars greatly resemble their biological parents, to the point where their childhoods are remarkably similar. However, from the moment they are born, an aasimar’s otherworldly heritage is evident. Eyes that glisten like gold, radiant skin as warm as a midsummer’s day, white, wispy hair, and more are telltale signs of an aasimar child, and these are simply the tames ones. Aasimars born to agathions might possess wildly bestial traits, while those born to azatas might have pointed ears and long, limber limbs, for instance. And while they pass through childhood in a manner much like their progenitors, they almost seem to stop aging completely once they blossom into adulthood.


Aasimars don’t have a singular home world, as they are the result of lineages so ancient that most are shocked upon conceiving an aasimar. Ancient records indicate that aasimars may have been slightly more common before the Nova Age, but following the Regicide, the abyssal energies emanating from wretched gore known as blood space that drenched the Azen-Ra System seem to have suppressed or corrupted many of the heavenly bloodlines once exhibited by the people of the system, making aasimars a rare sight today. As a result, to be an aasimar is to be alone.

Society and Alignment

Aasimars tend to move through the motions of the society that birthed them, be it humanity or something else entirely. Alone in a world inherently inhospitable to their existence, many aasimars ultimately succumb to severe depression or any number of numbing vices used to keep this knowledge buried, especially drugs and alcohol. The few able keep themselves above what some might call an inevitability, given their long lifespan, often follow in the footsteps of their righteous ancestors, seeking to do their part to rid the Azen-Ra System of the many evils it has indulged itself with since the Regicide. More likely, however, is that the aasimar ultimately succumbs to the pangs of loneliness and inevitability that pervade her existence, leading them to take their own life or worse—delve head-first into corruptive blood space, corrupting their celestial visage with fiendish features and drowning their minds in madness.


Those who would like to see the resurgence of good in a fiend-choked star system are many, and as a result aasimars have many sympathizers who often view them as members of a lost generation of sorts.

Their calm cadence and pleasant personalities allow aasimars to quickly win over many friends from a variety of races—in fact, many embassies love to hire how many aasimars they can find to train as diplomats, for as the saying goes, “Celestials come in many shapes, but all are universal.” Perhaps the only race that aasimars don’t get along well with are tieflings— outsiders much like the aasimars themselves who have had their bloodlines tainted by fiendish presence.

Aasimars view tielflings with resentment, seeing them as constant reminders of the sorry state of the Azen- Ra System. And yet despite this, many aasimars find themselves envious of the fiends, for while they may be sorry and wicked, at least they are not alone.


A life of adventure, however short, is often all an aasimar can do to keep themselves from falling into the stupor of self-loathing and depression, and as a result aasimars are sometimes seen by others as natural-born adventurers. Wherever they go, aasimars dedicate themselves to the promotion of their ideas, and often dedicate themselves to these causes with reckless abandon. As a result, aasimars commonly take up arms and become soldiers, charging head-first into danger. More level-headed aasimars recognize the importance of diplomacy and communication in spreading agendas, and the innate awe that their lineage inspires makes aasimars natural envoys.

Finally, as native outsiders aasimars have an innate connection to the mystical mysteries of the multiverse, and are drawn to the ways of the mystic and solarion as a result.


As aasimars lack their own culture, aasimar naming conventions often default to those of their parents’ race. So apparent is an infant aasimar’s exalted righteousness, however, that most aasimars are given names that reflect righteous or goodly themes.

In humans, for examples, aasimar names such as Charity, Serendipity, Temperance, and Vigilance are common—or at least what passes as common for aasimars.

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