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The karn-tor are a primitive race of saurian humanoids. They live in small tribes of hunter-scavengers typically under the command of a powerful warlord chieftain.

While they live simply, they aren’t unintelligent and prove incredibly resourceful in terms of survival and making do with whatever resources they seize during their raids. While they have no way of manufacturing technological items, they have figured out how to use those they can steal from more civilized races when they encounter them. of course, they are most interested in military weapons such as guns and bombs but steal whatever tech they can during raids. Beyond plundering, they rarely interact with outsiders, including members of their own species.

Karn-tor are slender and typically bright green in color as juveniles, but as they get older and more muscular they often take on a variety of hues, though blue and green scales are the most common.

Leaping Charge (Ex)

karn-tor juvenile can jump while charging, allowing it to ignore difficult terrain when it charges. When a karn-tor juvenile makes a charge in this way, it deals double damage with its talon or melee weapon. In addition, a karn-tor juvenile can jump through allies’ spaces without interfering with its charge. It can even pass through an enemy’s space, provided it succeeds on an Acrobatics check to move through the enemy’s space. It can take its charge attack at any point during its jump, including at the start, in midair, or at the end of the jump. Any movement taken while the karn-tor juvenile jumps, does not provoke attacks of opportunity for leaving threatened squares.

Deathseeker Rage (Ex)

Once per day as a swift action when reduced to half of their total HP, a karn-tor barbarian may enter their deathseeker rage. While raging the karn-tor barbarian’s speed increases by 10 feet, they may make one additional attack when making a full attack, and the number of turns they can act normally while below 0 Hit Points due to ferocity is extended by 1. Deathseeker rage lasts for five rounds.