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Of all the member species within the Ultari Hegemony— save the ultari themselves—the jagladine represent the clearest threat to the multiverse. Bereft of the guiding morality found in other species, they see themselves on the cusp of becoming ‘living gods’—a self-ascribed title vacated by the more ancient Patons and Principalities which preceded them. Expert biologists in the extreme, the jagladine maintain a research enclaves on dozens of unclaimed worlds, hard at work on developing a means to dominate other species and assimilate them into their growing base of power. From these scientific outposts, the jagladine routinely tamper with the natural evolution of native creatures and pathogens, caring not for the repercussions their research has on the greater multiverse.

Embodying a curious mix of reptilian and insectoid traits, jagladine have a toughened hide for added protection, and display an unnerving knack for crawling about on even the most difficult of surfaces. To compensate for their woefully average physique, they also enjoy a natural immunity to disease and poison, even cultivating an internal means of storing such toxins for future use through their enhanced biology. Typically taller than a human, a jagladine stands 6 feet tall and weighs around 150 pounds.

From their racial roots on a now forgotten desert world, the primitive jagladine relocated enmasse to the lush planet of Ursah Kulluh after accidentally opening a gate left behind by the Patrons. They’ve thrived in their new home ever since, jealously guarding its unique ecosystem to take advantage of its primordial swamps which evoke mysterious evolutions in those who dwell there. Indeed, the jagladine species has collectively benefited by the transformations of this unique resource, transforming themselves to harden their bodies against disease and toxins while also extending their natural lifespans. They’ve also harvested the biomass of these proto-swamps to construct more automated ‘progression vats’ used to transform other species and grow all manner of bio-organic technologies and weapons—many in use by the Ultari Hegemony.

Highly adaptive to many environments, the jagladine have explored and colonized additional worlds, always seeking to control the gateways which link the planets together. Their ability to dissect newfound fauna and flora has served them well, helping them contend with high- risk threats and fend off would-be rivals vying for territory. Only first-contact with the equally amoral, psychic ultari curbed their march across the multiverse. For a time, these two factions warred against one another, but eventually they realized they could accomplish more by conserving resources and working together. The subsequent acceptance of the jagladine into the Ultari Hegemony opened even greater opportunities for their species, granting them access to new technologies and resources. Keenly attuned to the nature of living organisms, jagladine also have a social knack for buying time so they can turn larger events to their advantage. Such skills have already catapulted the jagladine into the coveted position of most favored partner within the Hegemony, much to the chagrin of longer-serving allies.

An asexual species, the jagladine have little regard for gender or age. Concepts like male and female mean nothing to them, and they coldly regard all other lifeforms—save a respected few like the ultari—as fodder for experimentation. Guided by a history of harsh climates and brutal regimes, jagladine believe only the strong survive, thus, they show no mercy to anyone. The only jagladine emotion easily identifiable by outsiders resembles that of pride, most typically associated with scientific accomplishments which would horrify other species as barbaric and callous in execution. Such things matter little to the jagladine, as they lack the emotional capability to appreciate such inherent weakness.

As a greater species in the Hegemony, the jagladine enjoy a degree of autonomy reserved only for those who have gained the ultari’s trust. This stature partly exists because of the jagladine’s incredible skill at advancing the Hegemony’s cause through genetic enhancement and bio-engineering—especially in weaponized applications. The jagladine have also made excellent scapegoats for the Hegemony’s less scrupulous actions, as the ultari frequently deflect criticism of their expansion by blaming atrocities on their jagladine allies. With the end justifying the means, most planetary confrontations between the Hegemony and Bellanic Accord have conveniently relied upon ‘rogue jagladine scientists’ to pave the way for ultari incursions.

Jagladine immunity to disease and their ability to absorb various bio-toxins has only increased their fascination with bio-organic experimentation. As a result, the Ultari Hegemony often utilizes modern jagladine as living weapons, sending them to coveted worlds to spread assimilation strains used to transform native populations into occupying klaven footsoldiers. What was once a purely natural defense mechanism has become one of the truest testaments to the power of the jagladine race and the Ultari Hegemony they quietly serve. Assimilation strains and their effects are described in greater detail in the Alien Codex.

Most jagladine operate in two, distinct groups: the basic citizenry living in harmony with the rest of the Hegemony, and the scientist caste which works alongside the coalition’s military. Both groups primarily abide by the Hegemony’s laws more out of self-preservation than any moral imperative to peaceably treat with their fellow citizens. Jagladine scientists have even perfected assimilation strains to pacify and control those who defy ultari rule, constantly growing and expanding the Hegemony’s reach through new pathogens and experimental bio-technology while they continue to decipher and operate the gates leading to new worlds.

Within their own culture, jagladine typically cooperate with one another by creating a strict hierarchy based on prior accomplishments and military assets granted them by the ultari. Jagladine are almost always loathe to fight among one another unless they sense a flawless victory without repercussions is within their reach. Instead, jagladine scientists and overseers far more commonly abandon or betray any who fail to live up to the expectations of the greater group, believing the strong will either survive and re-establish themselves as respected peers, or eliminate themselves through natural selection. The ultari remain a distinct exception to this rule, with the jagladine continuing to show deference to the mind-masters for mutual gain. Most of this adoration is forced, however, as the jagladine know the Hegemony’s protection and wordless sanction of their actions helps deflect the attention of other powers who would doubtless unify to stop them otherwise. By swearing loyalty to the ultari and the Hegemony, the jagladine have secured their place in the multiverse. Only the goal of continual advancement and achievement drives them onward, each success another step towards their own apotheosis as the new gods of a new era.

Jagladine Subtype

Required Type: Monstrous humanoid.

Traits: darkvision 60 ft.; low-light vision; fast healing 2 (increases to 5 at CR 8, and to 10 at CR 14); immunity to disease and poison; climb 20 ft.; multi-armed; gains reflexive biology ability.

Multi-armed (Ex)

See jagladine statblock.

Reflexive Biology (Ex)

See jagladine statblock.

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