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The divymm are an enigma: a race of intelligent constructs and androids, created long ago by the ancient Patrons, though whether the divymm were servitors or ‘children’ of the Ancients and whether the divymm were left behind for some purpose or simply abandoned by these goodly Ancients when they disappeared is lost to history. Not even the divymm know, for they lack any memory or knowledge of their makers. The divymm don’t have a single homeworld, instead, they’ve been found across many different worlds, usually in an ageless state of torpor or offline reverie. Elders have recently activated a number of divymm, but lately many others have come out of suspended animation on their own, as if in response to some unseen trigger.

A divymm is a mind and living soul in a constructed body. Divymms are physically powerful, and intellectually cognizant, but are often emotionally detached. Their purely mechanical body presents an emotive obstacle between their psyche and those around them. Divymms often find their emotions seemingly diluted by how they artificially interface with their environment. Divymms each have their own unique personality and identity and many work hard to convey who they are to those around them. Despite their physical forms, most divymms strongly identify themselves as having a specific gender. Divymms are known to react badly to the implication that they have no emotions or any inference that they are just machines.

Divymms come in many different shapes and sizes, apparently suited for a variety of purposes at the time of their construction. Some are completely humanoid, taking on more of the characteristics of an android, and others are hulking brutes, chiseled in stone, metal, or with other strange technological attachments. Given sufficient time and resources, divymms can modify their mechanical form considerably and many make cosmetic changes to suit their own personal tastes and personality.

Divymms all recognize one another as emanating from the same source, or lifeforge as they refer to it. Divymms often have a glowing rune or sigil on their forehead or chest, but even without this, divymms can automatically identify each other and share a bond passed down by the ancients which unites them far beyond the roles they currently serve.

Race Traits

Ability Adjustments: +2 Str, +2 Int, –2 Cha

Hit Points: 6

Size and Type: Divymm are Medium constructs with the sentient subtype.

Exceptional Vision: Divymm have darkvision out to 60 feet and low-light vision.

Physical Structure: Divymm are constructed from durable materials and gain hardness 2.

Slam: Divymms are always considered armed. They can deal 1d4 lethal damage with a slam attack and this attack doesn’t count as archaic.

Machine Empathy: Divymm receive a +2 racial bonus on Engineering checks.

Offline Reverie (Ex)

As a full action, a divymm can enter a state of suspended animation, freezing in place and becoming motionless. While in offline reverie, spells or abilities that detect life indicate that the divymm is neither alive nor dead and abilities which detect or read thoughts don’t reveal any thoughts from the divymm. However, the divymm responds to changes in external conditions or bodily harm as if asleep. A divymm can remain in offline reverie indefinitely and can exit this state after a predetermined time or as a full action in response to external conditions.

Repair (Ex)

Repairs can fix a damaged divymm. A successful DC 20 Engineering check and 30 minutes of work restores 10% of a divymm’s maximum Hit Points. Failing this check by 10 or more deals 1d4 damage to the divymm but this damage can’t reduce the divymm to fewer than 1 HP. One bulk worth of divymm repair raw materials costs 10 UPBs and each successful Engineering check uses up 1 bulk of raw materials.

Sentient Construct (Ex)

A divymm is a mind and living soul in a constructed body. This ability replaces the standard features of the construct type. A divymm counts as a living creature as well as a construct for the purpose of spells and other effects. Divymms are immune to fatigue, exhaustion, nonlethal damage, bleed effects, disease, paralysis, and poison unless those effects specifically effect constructs. A divymm is not subject to ability damage or ability drain to physical ability scores ( Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), but is subject to ability damage or ability drain to mental ability scores ( Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma). Divymms gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects, sleep effects, stunning, and any effect that causes the sickened or nauseated condition unless those effects specifically target constructs. Any numerical bonuses, penalties, or other modifiers from morale, fear, and emotion-based effects are halved for a divymm.

Divymms do not naturally recover Hit Points but do naturally heal ability damage as normal. Spells and supernatural abilities that restore Hit Point or ability damage to living creatures restore only half the normal number of Hit Points to a divymm. Spells and abilities that heal constructs (such as make whole) function normally. A 4th-level or higher mystic cure can restore a divymm to life as if he or she were a living creature.

Divymms do not need to breathe or eat but do need to sleep (or use offline reverie) for 2 hours per day.

Unity Lifeforge (Ex)

Divymms can instantly recognize each other on sight. All divymms instinctively know that they serve a common purpose and while they may have differences of opinion, one divymm cannot knowingly attack or harm another.

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