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The bahgra are often referred to as “dog folk” due to their distinctly canine features. Although they stand upright with fully articulate hands, their heads still portray the bestial snout and teeth of wild dogs. They also communicate through barks, growls, and soulful whines, but struggle to make themselves understood in the languages of other races, lacking the ability to make certain sounds and facial expressions. Generally taller than dwarves, but shorter than humans, bahgra flourish in both temperate and cold environments thanks to their natural fur—the coloration of which can vary as widely as the ethnicities of other humanoid races.

Bahgra possess a cunning intelligence, but most regard them as little more than apex predators and savages. Discovered by the krang while serving the Ultari Hegemony, the bahgra never escaped the barbaric in-fighting of their planet, clashing repeatedly with off-world visitors and one another. When the krang finally established a peaceful truce with the dog folk and discovered they could learn more advanced concepts through sign language, they found themselves confronted with a significant choice— allow the Hegemony to enslave the bahgra, or quietly “uplift” them so they could rise to the laborer or soldier caste. Choosing the latter, the krang ultimately lacked the time and access to significantly shape bahgra society, and ultimately abandoned them when they defected the Hegemony to join with the Bellanic Accord. Though they convinced some of the dog folk to accompany them, the bahgra species had already spread to other worlds and many remained culturally contaminated by the Hegemony. In time, however, some followed the example of the krang, striking off on their own to reestablish their independence and cultural identity.

Bahgra make excellent trackers, skilled laborers, and warriors, possessing a natural “team” instinct which makes them well-suited to construction and manufacturing. This trait also manifests during combat, as bahgra excel in pack- based tactics.

Bahgra are 5 feet tall and weigh 120 pounds.

Racial Traits

Due to their history as an uplifted species, bahgra have spread to many different worlds, making them one of the more common and plentiful species in the galactic melting pot. All bahgra have the following racial traits.

Ability Adjustments: +2 Str, +2 Cha, –2 Int. Bahgra are strong and sturdy creatures, with a strong sense of self and pack. Decidedly younger than their interplanetary peers, they’ve lagged considerably in advancing any kind of species-wide intellectual pursuits.

Hit Points: 4

Size and Type: Bahgra are Medium humanoids with the bahgra subtype

Natural Attack: The bahgra never evolved out of a distinctly canine mouth and jawline. They have a fierce natural bite attack which deals 1d6 damage. This attack deals lethal damage and doesn’t count as archaic. They gain a unique weapon specialization with this bite attack at 3rd level, allowing them to add 1–1/2 × their character level to their damage rolls for this bite attack (instead of just adding their character level, as usual).

Pack Instincts: Bahgra receive one bonus feat from the following list at first level: Bodyguard, Coordinated Shot, Diversion, In Harm’s Way, Spry Cover, Suppressive Fire. The bahgra must meet the prerequisites of the selected feat. Members of a pack typically possess the same feat.

Low-Light Vision: Bahgra have low-light vision.

Languages Bahgra can speak their own language and understand others, but are physically unable to master the speech of most humanoid races. The reverse is not true however, as most humanoids can master a limited form of the Bahgra tongue. A bahgra with a high Intelligence score can choose to learn the following additional languages: Common (for their local planet), Gnoll, Jaskirri, Krang, Orc, Sign Language, Ultari.

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