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The auttaine present a peculiar circumstance even in a multiverse full of strangeness. Many years ago, they existed as an isolated human population on a desert planet ravaged by millennia-spanning magical storms. For survival, they initiated a program to graft clockwork implants into their bodies—an unusually complex combination of magic and technology. Though this assured their adaptation to the rapidly changing environment of their homeworld, over time, the eldritch energies of the storms began to alter the magic of these devices. This caused auttaine parents to naturally pass such gears and prosthetics to their offspring, many of them born with replacement implants already attached.

And, with the passing of centuries, we eventually arrive at the self-made auttaine of the current day.

Physical Description: Amalgamations of man and machine, it is rare for one auttaine to look strikingly similar to another. Their human ancestry still runs the full gamut of ethnicity and follows much the same rules of nature prior to receiving their implants. Their gear, however—the term they use to describe their clockwork augmentations—is much more highly personal and stylized, uniquely grown and tailored to their environmental needs. Auttaine also further customize this gear with adaptations of their own design, and their coming of age is usually marked by the moment they install the final piece to see them through the rest of their lives.

Society: Free from the need for sustenance or sleep, the auttaine thrive in situations where other races would wither and die. They left their original homeworld many centuries ago, and, while they’ve explored and settled many planets over the years, their largest strongholds lie in the Shattered Zone. This broken planet represented by a string of asteroids plays home to many different factions of auttaine, all vying for valuable resources. A Geargiver rules over their well-organized cities, elected from the auttaine’s master technicians and clockworkers. In addition to overseeing the needs of each city and its controlling faction, a Geargiver administers the creation of customized gear for auttaine still coming of age.

Relations: While they have slightly longer life cycles than their human ancestors, auttaine still remain keenly aware of irrevocability of death, and they place high value in life. Most feel a certain kinship with shorter lived races such as humans and ysoki. Androids and auttaine also share a strong respect for one another due to the constructed nature of both, and androids can often be found within the safer environmental districts of auttaine cities.

Alignment and Religion: Owing to their mechanical aspects, auttaine have strong tendencies towards lawful alignments. The majority of auttaine fall along the neutral axis, however, with respect to good or evil, with outliers leaning more towards evil due to the superiority some feel their implants grant them. Their patron deity is Haymot Steel-Arm, an ascended auttaine who proved instrumental in leading the auttaine from their magical hazards of their original homeworld and into the greater multiverse. Worship services generally focus on industriousness and the exploration of new frontiers, always celebrating the many aspects of transformation which technology can bring.

Male Names: Aruk, Stret, Rukrer, Trybur, Nill, Draum

Female Names: Siz, Ytis, Aurk, Kal, Kethas, Rele

Racial Traits

Ability Adjustments: +2 to any one ability score. Auttaine vary widely from one individual to another.

Hit Points: 4

Size and Type: Auttaine are Medium humanoids with the half-construct and human subtypes.

Build Points: Auttaine receive a number of build points equal to 3 + their initial Constitution modifier, which they can use to customize the artificial components comprising their half-construct nature. These build points may be spent on a one-for-one basis as additional racial points (RPs) but only on the following enhancements: breath weapon, desert runner, energy resistance, skill bonus, skill training, sprinter. In addition, auttaine may also select from the following special racial traits as part of their gear:

Concealed Weapon (2 RP): This artificial component acts as a quickdraw hideaway limb (Starfinder Core Rulebook) except that it can only include a one-handed melee weapon of light bulk, and this weapon cannot be made from any special materials. While internalized, the auttaine receives a +4 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal this weapon. The starting weapon must be 1st- level, but the weapon can be changed out with 4 hours of work and a new qualifying weapon.

Fleet-Footed (3 RP): When taking the run action, an auttaine with this enhancement moves five times their normal speed and doesn’t gain the flat-footed condition from running. When making a jump after a running start, they gain a +4 bonus to the Athletics check to jump. They also gain a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks.

Gifted Linguist (2 RP): This neural component grants a +4 bonus on Culture checks involving languages, and the auttaine learns one additional language every time they put a rank in the Culture skill.

Hidden Storage Compartment (1 RP): This artificial component acts as a standard hideaway limb. Access is secured with a simple combination lock (DC 20 Engineering to open).

Integrated Spell Cache (1 RP): This artificial component provides an internal component in one of the auttaine’s hands which acts as a mechanic’s custom rig or a technomancer’s spell cache. Such a tool can’t be broken, damaged, disarmed, lost, or stolen, and the auttaine can access the tool even when they have no free hands.

Integrated Toolset (2 RP): This artificial component provides a customized toolset for granting a +2 circumstance bonus on one of the following skills, chosen when the toolset is installed: Acrobatics (to escape from restraints), Athletics (to climb), Computers (counts as a hacking kit), Engineering (to disable devices), Medicine, Perception, Profession.

Integrated Upgrade Slot (2 RP): This artificial component allows the auttaine to install any one armor upgrade that could be installed into light armor into their body, which functions regardless of whether they are wearing physical armor.

Jumper (2 RP): Auttaine with this artificial component are always considered to have a running start when attempting Athletics checks to jump.

Natural Armor (2 RP): Artificial dermal plating grants a +1 racial bonus to AC when wearing no armor or light armor.

Stability (1 RP): This artificial component grants a +4 to KAC to resist bull rush and trip attempts.

Languages Auttaine begin play speaking Common. Auttaine with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Halfling, Kasatha, Orc, Shirren, Undercommon, Vesk, Ysoki.

Auttaine Body Modifications

In the years leading up to the death of the auttaine’s desert planet, members of that race devised hundreds of different kinds of body modifications and prosthetics to protect themselves from the magical storms ravaging their home world. Even though the auttaine home planet is long gone and the storms’ magic has permeated auttaine parents such that they pass on their clockwork augmentations to their kin, the craft of physical augmentations is still a time- honored tradition among the auttaine people.

Though most auttaine are miners first and foremost and have all but forgotten the origins of their “gears,” a number of auttaine artisans and smiths still practice the old ways of their home world, manufacturing prosthetics and body augmentations not limited solely to their species. Interstellar adventurers of all stripes turn to the auttaine when they find themselves in need of a prosthetic limb (a frightfully common need among the perils of space) or special physical augmentations to aid their galactic quests. Money is not the most difficult part of acquiring coveted auttaine body modifications—indeed, finding the means to travel to the Shattered Zone and locate a willing artisan is the biggest hangup for most interested buyers.

Physical augmentations created by auttaine for trade differ greatly from the gears that make up their own bodies. For one, these handcrafted prostheses are designed to be worn by any race with the proper limb to replace, not only auttaine. Secondly, the auttaine society’s Geargiver does not preside over the creation or distribution of these goods—instead, small guilds within major auttaine cities determine the market and establish standards for crafting. Finally, while an auttaine’s gears are fully integrated into her body and are treated as a part of her Build Points racial trait, auttaine-crafted physical augmentations are, unless otherwise stated, mundane or magical items that must be equipped like standard equipment and thus occupy an item slot on the body.

Physical augmentations created by auttaine for purchase by outsiders come in two varieties—prostheses and body modifications. These physical augmentations may be mechanical or magical in nature, though prostheses are for the most part mechanical (i.e., mundane) and body modifications are much more likely to be magical. Each of these physical augmentation types is covered in more detail on the following pages.

Missing Body Part Penalties

These rules for missing body parts expand those found under the wounding weapons table in the Starfinder Core Rulebook. GMs interested in using the rules for auttaine physical augmentations in this section can use the following table as an expansion of the effects from the wounding weapons table.

The GM may rule on a case-by-case basis whether actions not listed here are or are not affected by the penalty associated with a missing body part. The GM may also rule that certain actions are simply impossible for a character with a missing body part without an appropriate prosthetic replacement (such as a character with a missing eye trying to wink to his ally).

Missing Body Part Effect
Finger –1 penalty on attack rolls with a weapon held in that hand
Hand Cannot hold or wield items in that hand
Arm Cannot hold or wield items in that hand
Foot –5-foot land speed
Leg –10-foot land speed
Eye –2 on Perception checks
Ear –1 on Perception checks
Tongue/teeth 10% chance of failure while casting spells with verbal components


Prostheses are designed to replace a specific limb or body part, which must be removed from the host body before the prosthesis is installed. Unless otherwise specified, prostheses have the following rules associated with them.

A prosthesis cannot be “overlaid” on top of an existing body part—it must replace the body part in question, which entails all the penalties associated with losing the functionality of that body part (see sidebar). Unless otherwise noted in the prosthesis description, a prosthesis does not resolve or negate the penalties associated with loss of body part.

Prostheses that modify unarmed attacks can have weapon fusions and fusion seals applied to them as though they were weapons. These fusions apply to the user’s unarmed strikes utilizing that prosthesis.

Equipping And Removing Prostheses

The owner of a prosthesis may equip a prosthesis in place of an appropriate missing body part; prostheses cannot be equipped in place of different limbs or missing body parts (for example, a prosthetic leg cannot be equipped at the shoulder to replace a missing arm). Unlike true augmentations, equipping or removing a prosthesis is a full-round action.

Other creatures can generally not attack or remove prosthesis unless their ability would normally allow them to affect that part of the body. Prostheses that are being used as weapons can be sundered or disarmed as normal.

Simple Prostheses

The following prostheses may be created by a humanoid of any race using the standard rules for crafting and are found even on the most backwater of worlds.

Glass Eye Replaces Eye

Price 10 Level 1

This ceramic orb fits under the eyelid of a missing eye, and can be painted to match a variety of eye colors or even decorated for special occasions.

Peg Leg Replaces Leg

Price 10 Level 1

Made of a simple wooden dowel that fits snugly over the knee of a leg amputee, the peg leg is a staple among pirates at sea as well as in space. The peg leg your land speed penalty from missing legs by 5 feet.

Steel Finger Replaces Finger

Price 5 Level 1

These hollow finger prostheses are made of light and delicate metal. Price listed is per steel finger.

Blade Leg Replaces Leg

Wax Ear Replaces Ear

Price 30 Level 1

This metal leg prosthesis features a sharp, curving blade where your shin and calf would be, allowing you to make slashing attacks with your leg as unarmed attacks. These attacks deal 1d3 lethal slashing damage. The blade leg also reduces your land speed penalty from missing legs by 5 feet.

Gauntlet Hand Replaces Hand

Price 10 Level 1

This prosthetic hand is shaped like a gauntlet, and the fingers and palm of the gauntlet can be adjusted to hold a weapon or make a fist. Drawing a weapon with that hand requires a standard action instead of a move action, but you wield weapons with it. A battleglove (or similar weapon) can be integrated with the gauntlet hand by adding 10% of the battleglove’s base cost.

Hook Hand Replaces Hand

Price 5 Level 1

This prosthesis replaces a missing hand with a wide metal hook. A hook hand generally does not interfere with routine activities, but you cannot use this hand to hold a weapon. However, the hook hand itself can be used to make unarmed attacks dealing 1d3 lethal slashing damage.

Price 5 Level 1

This simple prosthetic ear is molded from wax. It reduces the penalty to hearing due to a missing ear by 1.

Magic Prostheses

These prostheses are enchanted, replacing the missing body part and negating any penalty. Like other worn magical items, a character can only actively benefit from a total of two such items.

Hand of Haymot Replaces Hand

Price 179,000 Level 15

This mechanical prosthetic hand is made of finely crafted steel and hardened brass, and complex machinery connects the digits, palm, and wrist. Once per day, the wearer may activate the hand of Haymot to transform the prosthesis into parallax laser pistol (having internal power for 80 charges per day), a zero edge dagger, or its normal form as a swift action. Any weapon held in this hand, including any it transforms into, gains the axiomatic fusion.

Honing Ear Replaces Ear

Price 1,400 Level 3

A honing ear is an enchanted prosthetic ear that gives its wearer supernatural control over their hearing distance and ability to tune out distracting sounds. At will as a swift action, the wearer can tune out distracting sounds—such as a bustling marketplace or nearby roaring waterfall—and train her ear to single out other sounds—such as an ally whispering to her or a conversation across the river. This action gives the wearer a +5 insight bonus on Perception checks to hear sounds she is trying to amplify and prevents her from hearing sounds related to the source she has deemed distracting. For example, using the honing ear, she may be able to hear the conversation across the river by tuning out the sounds of the water, but she would then also not be able to hear a log hurdling downriver toward her. This effect persists until the wearer ends it as a free action.

Instrumental Limb

Replaces Arm Or Leg

Price 3,400 Level 5

An instrumental limb is a magical arm or leg prosthesis (chosen at the time of creation) that grants a +2 competence bonus on Profession (musician) checks and may be played as a string instrument for the purpose of those Profession checks. A compartment built into the limb allows the wearer to store a bow to play with the instrument.

Three times per day, the wearer can slide a bow along the highest end of the instrumental limb to create a consistent note that allows any allies within 60 feet to enter a state of deep concentration. As long as the wearer holds the note (a standard action each round), his allies gain a +2 morale bonus on skill checks. If an ally attacks or takes damage during this time, the effect ends for that ally; once the effect is broken for an ally, she cannot reenter the state of deep concentration until the next time the instrumental limb’s wearer activates this ability.

Auttaine Body Modifications

In addition to the normal modifications, auttaines have invented a wide variety of technological and hybrid augmentations. For rules purposes, both categories count as cybernetics.

These body modifications can typically only be purchased from or crafted by auttaine, although the GM can of course make exceptions for characters that have received special training.

Mundane Body Modifications

The following mundane body modifications can be purchased for installation from skilled auttaine body grafters.

Iron Knuckles System Hand

Price 200 Level 1

Lucky Eye Replaces Eye

Price 15,000 Level 9

This magical prosthetic glass eye is painted to look like a simple clock face rather than an iris. Once per day, the wearer can wink as a swift action to activate the lucky eye, causing the hand on the clock’s face to spin and point toward a random number (roll 1d12 to determine the number). The wearer gains a +5 morale bonus on a specific action on his next turn, as determined by the randomly rolled number. The wearer forfeits the morale bonus if he does not take the specified action during his next turn.

1-3 Skill check
4-6 Saving throw
7-9 Damage roll
10-12 Attack roll

These fine metal plates are inserted beneath the user’s hand’s skin and wrap around the knuckles and finger bones. This modification removes the archaic and nonlethal traits from your unarmed attacks when you choose to use the iron knuckles. Weapon fusions and fusion seals can be applied to the iron knuckles as though it were a weapon.

Magnetic Fingers System Hand

Price 500 Level 2

Small magnets installed in the tips of your fingers grant you a +2 circumstance bonus on Sleight of Hand checks with metallic objects, and you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your KAC against disarm attempts while wielding a metal weapon. However, you take a –1 penalty on attack rolls with ranged weapons that have metal components (including all weapons that fire bullets).

Nictitating Membrane System Eyes

Price 1,000 Level 3

This translucent “third eyelid” protects and moistens your eyes while allowing you to maintain vision. With this body modification, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saving throws against non-magical items, attacks, and effects that would blind you or impair your vision, and your range of vision is unhindered by murky water. This modification does not protect you against spells and magical effects that affect your vision.

Rubber Joints System Legs

Price 300 Level 2

This modification encases the joints in your knees and ankles with a synthetic rubber that reduces the impact of falls and tumbles. You may ignore up to 3 points of damage any time you take falling damage (reducing the damage taken to a minimum 0 points of damage).

Steel Dentures System Teeth

Price 500 Level 2

This modification replaces the user’s teeth with an artificial set that spans both the upper and lower jaw. The user’s unarmed attacks deal 1d6 bludgeoning and piercing damage and are no longer archaic or nonlethal. Weapon fusions and fusion seals can be applied to the steel dentures as though it were a weapon.

Magical Body Modifications

These magical body modifications are often the results of masterful auttaine crafters or auttaine technomancers. All magical body modifications count as hybrid items but are not worn items and do not count against the limit of worn magical items.

Adaptable Scales System Skin

Price 7,500 Level 7

These shining metal fish scales cover the wearer’s body and defy description, shimmering a rainbow of colors depending on how the light hits them. The scales help regulate the wearer’s body temperature in hot and cold environments, functioning as a mk 1 thermal capacitor armor upgrade.

Filtering Gills System Lungs

Price 300 Level 2

This augmentation allows the user to breathe both underwater and on land at will, as the water breathing spell. In addition, the wearer can extract oxygen from poisonous gasses while filtering out toxins, making him immune to inhaled poisons. This does not protect the wearer from magical gases or vapors, nor does it allow the wearer to breathe in a vacuum.

Hand of All Trades System Hand

Price 4,000 Level 6

This body modification integrates a number of small tools into the wearer’s palm and fingers and makes the wearer’s hand look like a patchwork of overlapping metal plates. The user may transform the hand into an engineering specialty tool kit of their choice or back into a function hand as a standard action. If they are holding anything in the hand when it transforms, they drop that item.

Iron Gut System Digestive

Price 100 Level 1

By replacing the wearer’s stomach and intestines with this aramid sack of intricate machinery and self-sustaining microbes, the wearer becomes immune to food-borne illnesses. An iron gut grants the user immunity to ingested poisons as well as the effects of food poisoning and spoiled food or water. The user must still eat and drink to live (assuming she needed to do so before installing the iron gut), but she can stomach food that has significantly expired or rotted, as well as most food goods that usually require cooking or processing before consumption (such as curdled milk or raw meat). This does not grant the user the ability to chew foods she could not otherwise.

Legs of Springing System Legs

Price 360 Level 2

This durable yellow elastic fuses with the muscle tissue in the wearer’s legs, making the limbs look impressively lean but slightly sallow as well. Legs of springing allow the wearer to leap to greater heights and survive the impact of some falls. The wearer gains a +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks to jump. The wearer takes no damage from falls of 50 feet or less and takes half damage from falls from greater than 50 feet.

Legs of Springing, Greater System Legs

Price 4,000 Level 6

The elastic in greater legs of springing is so strong and physically taxing to implement that it turns the wearer’s legs a sickly shade of green. This body modification function as legs of springing, except the wearer gains a +10 competence bonus on Acrobatics checks to jump, takes no damage from falls of 100 feet or less, and takes one-quarter damage from falls from greater than 100 feet.

Silver Tongue System Throat

Price 340 Level 2

This body modification allows the wearer to speak with greater versatility in languages she knows, effectively enhancing her persuasive, coercive, and diplomatic skills. At will, the user can emulate any accent or dialect she knows, as long as the accent or dialect is in a language she can speak. The user cannot emulate accents or dialects she has never heard before; she must spend at least 1 minute listening to the accent or dialect, whether by overhearing townsfolk or speaking directly with someone, in order to emulate it using the silver tongue.

The user’s voice is also particularly clear and precise, increasing the range of their Demoralize attempts and sense-dependent envoy improvisations by 30 feet.

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