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Shimreens hail from a storm-ravaged planet, and are humanoids formed of glowing, jagged crystal.

Ability Adjustments +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Wis

Hit Points: 4

Racial Traits

Size and Type

Shimreens are Medium humanoids with the shimreen subtype.


Whenever a shimreen takes energy damage, she can voluntarily take an additional 1d4 damage of the same type by amplifying the energy within her crystalline form. This empowers her next melee attack. The next melee attack the shimreen makes releases this energy, dealing an additional amount of damage equal to the extra damage the shimreen took (and of the same type). The shimreen can’t take additional damage again until she releases the energy she is storing. If unused, this stored energy dissipates after 10 minutes. The amount of extra damage the shimreen takes (and deals) increases to 2d4 at level 8 and 3d4 at level 16.

Electricity Resistance

Shimreens have electricity resistance 5, thanks to their crystalline structure.


Shimreens constantly emit light (dim, normal, or bright) in a 5-foot radius and are immune to the dazzled condition. Shimreens can adjust their current level of light as a move action, but they can never extinguish it.

Shift Limb

A shimreen can transform one of her arms into a weapon as a swift action. This crystal lance is a natural weapon that deals 1d3 lethal piercing damage with unarmed strikes; this attack doesn’t count as archaic. A shimreen gain a unique version of the Weapon Specialization feat with her natural weapon at 3rd level, allowing her to add 1-1/2 × her character level to her damage rolls with her natural weapon (instead of just adding her character level, as usual).

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