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Viral Destruction M3

School: Necromancy

Range: Close (25 ft + 5ft/2 levels)

Target: One newly dead creature; See Text

Duration: Instantaneous; See Text

Saving Throw: Will Negates; See Text; Spell Resistance: Yes

You can cast this spell only immediately after a creature in range dies. On its next turn in the initiative order, the corpse stands up (if applicable; this does not require a move action), can take a single move action to move up to its speed, and makes a single attack using the weapons and bonuses it had when alive (though it can’t use class features, spell-like abilities, or spells). You can choose the target of the affected creature’s attack or allow the target corpse to select a target entirely at random. If the target of this spell was friendly or helpful toward you in life, the spell works automatically; otherwise, the corpse can attempt a Will saving throw to negate this spell, as if the creature were still alive. After making its attack, the creature that you have targeted with viral destruction falls and is dead as normal. However, if this attack kills the affected creature’s target or if it knocks it unconscious, that target must succeed at a Will saving throw (using the spell’s DC) or be subject to viral destruction and make a single attack on its next turn before returning to its normal dead or unconscious state. If the secondary target of viral destruction is merely unconscious and becomes conscious again before its next action, that creature is freed from the viral destruction effect and the spell ends. Each attack caused by this spell can transfer the viral destruction effect to its target if that target is knocked unconscious or killed by the attack, until the spell has affected a number of creatures equal to your mystic level.