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Reanimate Construct

Classes Mystic 4

Classes Technomancer 4

School transmutation

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range touch

Targets one destroyed construct creature

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

This spell turns a destroyed construct into a creature that obeys your spoken commands. As a standard action, you can instruct a reanimated construct to either follow you or attack any creature (or type of creature) within 100 feet. This spell otherwise functions like animate dead, and constructs you reanimate with this spell count against the total amount of undead you can control with that spell (and vice versa).

The reanimated construct is similar to a fully functional version of that creature with the following changes.

It has only half of its original Hit Points; any technological gear functions without batteries but technological weapons that require a charge deal only half damage; and it does not regain any uses of consumable items or weapons, such as grenades, or daily-use abilities. The reanimated construct is treated as both magical and technological for all effects (whichever type allows an ability to affect them for abilities that affect only one type, and whichever is worse for abilities that affect both types).

The target construct must be mostly intact; creatures that have self-destructed, been disintegrated, been used as the target of a spell with “junk” in its name, and the like are not valid targets for this spell.

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