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Necromantic Revitalization M1-6 T1-6

School necromancy

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range touch

Targets one undead creature

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw Will half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

With a touch, you replenish the negative energies that animate your target, restoring a number of Hit Points. If the target regains all of its Hit Points as a result of this healing, you can apply the remaining healing to yourself, as long as you are an undead creature.

Necromantic revitalaization restores a number of Hit Points to your target depending on the spell’s level.

1st: 1d8 + your Intelligence modifier

2nd: 3d8 + your Intelligence modifier

3rd: 5d8 + your Intelligence modifier

4th: 7d8 + your Intelligence modifier

5th: 9d8 + your Intelligence modifier

6th: 11d8 + your Intelligence modifier

In addition, unlike most healing, when you cast necromantic revitalization as a spell of 4th-level or higher, you have two options to enhance its effects. The first option is to restore an extra 5d8 Hit Points with a 4th-level necromantic revitalization spell, an extra 7d8 Hit Points with a 5th-level necromantic revitalization spell, or an extra 9d8 Hit Points with a 6th-level necromantic revitalization spell. The second option is to bring a target that has been destroyed within 2 rounds back to life bringing it back to its undead state with the numberof Hit Points that would otherwise be restored by this spell. This spell can’t reanimate creatures that were destroyed by effects that specifically target or have a special effect against the undead (such as wall of fire) or creatures whose bodies were significantly mutilated, disintegrated, or otherwise obliterated. It also cannot restore an undead creature whose existence is tied to an object (such as a necrovite’s electroencephalon) if that object has been destroyed.

Casting this spell doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.