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Junk Armor T1

School conjuration (creation)

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range touch

Targets 1 bulk of inert electronic equipment; see text

Duration 24 hours

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

You turn a pile of technological junk into a suit of light armor, or use it to upgrade a suit of light armor to heavy armor. You must target inert, nonworking electronic equipment of at least 1 bulk. Valid targets include a large broken computer system, nonworking or unconnected computer or robot parts, a destroyed robot or another such trashed mechanical system, or any related electronic components or combination of the above, as long as the junk is found in sufficient quantity.

You can cause the armor to be created on yourself or an adjacent willing or unconscious ally. Light or heavy armor you create requires proficiency to use without penalties as normal. If you use this spell to create light armor, the armor has an EAC bonus equal to your caster level, a KAC bonus equal to your caster level + 2, and a maximum Dex bonus equal to 1 + one- quarter your caster level. Using junk armor to temporarily turn light armor into heavy armor increases the armor’s EAC bonus by 1 and its KAC bonus by 2, reduces its maximum Dexterity bonus by 3, and worsens its armor check penalty by 2.