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Shaman Knights

Self-appointed protectors of worlds and nature in general, shaman knights fight against the ravaging of planets, the stripping of their resources at the expense of the environment, and the decimation of populations of any creature that is considered lesser to another (such as animals being hunted or exterminated by “sentient” races). They will attempt to mediate disputes when possible, and act only when necessary. They are promoters of peace and harmony across the cosmos, and they are often called upon to act as judges, witnesses, ambassadors, and occasionally, surgical strike forces. They do not maintain order throughout the known universe as the Infinite Star Legion does; they see themselves more as guides and guardians than foot-soldiers and police forces.

Goal: Maintain the Balance of the Natural Universe

Shaman Knights work to preserve the beauty of nature across each world, encouraging those that live on worlds that they visit to live in harmony with one another, and with nature itself. Sometimes, their ways bring them into conflict with other factions, sometimes even siding against the good to preserve the habitats of all creatures, even those that are ostensibly evil. Their cause typically means that they are fighting alongside the forces of goodness and righteousness, but due to their overall goals, they are not always welcome by those that encounter them.

Faction Leader: Each planet where salmagundi can be found has its own Prospector-Governor, and they control their own merchant and mining.

Alignment: NG

The members of the Shaman Knights will work alongside anyone who can help them achieve their goals. This has earned them the mistrust of both the Infinite Star Legion and the Israfel Order, and they are sometimes brought into direct conflict with the Red Tang Spice Guild, but they have had cause to work alongside these other factions. Their works leads to the restoration and protection of planets and their inhabitants all throughout the known universe.

Faction Leader: The Shaman Knights recognize no formal leader, but are instead lead by a council of eighteen Shaman Knights known as the Arctutors. The wisest and oldest of the Arctutors is a wizened little man known as Breem Estlage (NG male halfling mystic 20), who has been a member of the Arctutor council for the past seven hundred years. While he often waits to weigh in on any matter that is pressing to the council until the other Arctutors have said what they feel they must, most of the other members of the council look to him for guidance.

The most vocal of the Arctutors is Estrella Sunstone (N female lashunta mystic 15), who usually leads the majority of the council whenever there is an issue that divides them. The other Arctutors see her as a prudent guiding hand for the Shaman Knights and respect her opinions, even when they disagree with her. Her chief rival on the council is Auspice (N female human technomancer 16), who usually finds fault in every argument that every other council member brings up. She is seen as a curmudgeonly crone, and is the least popular member of the council by far. However, she is vital to the council, discovering the flaws in their plans so that they can correct for them.

fleets of spacefaring vessels and base their operations on any world near to their sources of spice, as swampworlds are not always well-suited to habitation. Collectively, these Prospector-Governors operate under the banner of the Red Tang Grand Prospector, the Crimson Baroness Zinkha Tunkhe (N female human operative 11) of Kharjenn Prime.

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