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Red Tang Spice Guild

Concerned primarily with the mining, harvesting and processing of the spice salmagundi, the Red Tang Spice Guild is one of the strongest merchant guilds that traverses the starways. The Red Tang rose to power several hundred years ago, when they discovered and began marketing salmagundi to the wealthy and powerful. Since then, they have risen to become one of the major powers in the galaxy, amassing great wealth and influence with those in positions of authority.

Goal: Accumulate wealth and achieve immortality

While not an amoral faction, the Red Tang values wealth, and the comfort that it brings, above everything else. That does not mean that the Red Tang does everything within its power to accumulate wealth, they do take a very practical approach to accumulating riches. Trading resources, acquiring mining rights to various worlds, and maintaining a vast shipping fleet are among the common practices of the Red Tang. The members of this faction also regularly ingest salmagundi as they can afford it. As such, several prominent leaders of this guild have achieved immortality and now seek to live out their lives in opulence.

Alignment: N

The members of the Red Tang often pursue their own means to wealth and power, but they most commonly have some hand in the trading of salmagundi, which is strictly regulated by this guild. Less than 5% of their total stores are on the market at any one time, and no one outside of the guild elders know the location of any of the stockhouses that hold the spice in bulk. Generally, no one location has more than five dozen unrefined doses at any time, though some Red Tang storehouses may contain one to two thousand unrefined doses of the spice under heavy guard. Refined salmagundi is only ever stored or transported in doses as high as five. As such, salmagundi is constantly moving across the cosmos, and every member of the Red Tang Mining Guild has a chance to either get their hands on some as a portion of their wages, or plays some part in the acquisition, transport, or sale of the spice.

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