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Infinite Star Legion

Fourteen centuries ago, following the armistice of a battle that included fleets from eight different races, the remaining seven agreed to form a more permanent battle fleet to combat the terrors that emerge from the vast darkness of the void. Made up of elves, dwarves, humans, and more, the Infinite Star Legion has expanded and incorporated into a well-organized military and exploratory space fleet that takes it upon themselves to act as a constabulary force among civilized systems. Their primary goals are to rid the starways of piracy, explore the furthest reaches of known space, and defend planets from interstellar horrors capable of destroying entire civilizations. They are well-supplied, with tens of thousands of vessels of all types making up a vast space navy, and they follow a strict code of ethics.

Location varies (primary headquarters on Iste Golan)


Entrance Fee none

Entrance Exam Diplomacy and Sense Motive DC 15

Dues 50 credits/semester


Education Checks Diplomacy, Life Science, Medicine, Physical Science, Survival

Semester 4 months

Flunk 6 consecutive failed Education checks

Extracurricular Tasks

Apprehend Pirates (+1 Fame) If you can bring a living space pirate to be imprisoned in any Infinite Star Legion prison, your Fame score increases by +1, if the pirate is of a CR equal to or greater than your level. You can gain this addition to your Fame score once per semester.

Fight Against the Void (+2 Fame) Legionnaires who hunt down any servant of the void with a greater CR than their level, either killing one or capturing it and bringing it back to any Infinite Star Legion base of operations gain great renown.

Survey Planet (+1 Fame) Upon visiting a world that you have never been to, if you take at least one month to explore the planet and defeat any challenge of a CR that is equal to or greater than your own, you gain Fame with the Infinite Star Legion.

Goal: Explore and Protect

The Infinite Star Legion has a strict set of behavioral codes that can essentially be boiled down into three principal mandates. If any member does not adhere to these mandates, that can be grounds for dismissal from the organization. The three mandates are as follows:

The Primary Mandate: The darkness of the void must be driven back, and all Servants of the Void must be captured, destroyed, or driven back into the black to preserve all other life in the known universe. Nothing else has any higher priority.

The Secondary Mandate: To further the knowledge and reputation of the Infinite Star Legion, members are expected to travel to new worlds, expose secrets and seek out fantastic mysteries. Such exploration must be documented extensively via detailed journals, drawings, star charts and any other pertinent records. Copies of these records must be submitted to any member’s immediate supervisor or record-keeping officer, which will be compiled and cataloged at the headquarters on Iste Golan.

The Tertiary Mandate: Before engaging an enemy in battle, all attempts to first make contact and achieve nonmilitary resolution must be made. When such battles occur, all attempts must be made at the preservation of life for the greatest good.

Alignment: LG

The Infinite Star Legion has a rigid code of rules and regulations that its legionnaires must follow, and those rules are all related to accomplishing the goals of the principal mandates. Their firm obedience to this code of conduct is what keeps the organization operating smoothly and reliably, and generates trust among those that interact with the Legion.

Legionnaires recognize no higher authority on this plane of existence, though they do respect local authority and autonomy, if they do not contradict the three principal mandates. Otherwise, they strive to maintain peace, open trade routes, and order throughout the known universe.

Faction Leader: Fleet Admiral Filindae Sageheart (NG female elf operative 8/mystic 7) was born 88 years ago, in a small farming community on a planet known as Catanis IV. She always dreamed of what was out there beyond the stars, and when fortune brought her into contact with a traveling Infinite Star Legion survey team, she joined up with the Legion and began her career. More than sixty years later, she is the commander of the entire Legion fleet, having worked her way up through the ranks. She oversees the operations of over forty thousand vessels, nearly three hundred spaceports, two (publicly known) asteroid-bases, and more than two million Legionnaires.

Her weathered features are still kindly, and her eyes are bright and aware. Her back is slightly bent, and she walks with an ornate walking stick, but she maintains a powerful and commanding presence. She has seen many battles, has survived three separate assassination attempts, and bears scars both physical and emotional. She is well liked by many of her subordinates, though there are those within the Legion plotting her removal for various political reasons or longstanding personal grudges. She steps in with a grandmotherly demeanor and an iron fist when necessary to subdue rogue captains or quell disputes within the ranks, and moves onward toward her goals like an iron juggernaut in the face of certain defeat.

Fleet Admiral Sageheart’s primary duties involve managing the various System Admirals and keeping them too busy to interfere in each other’s affairs, or have time to undermine her authority. She also directs major fleet operations in their search to eliminate Servants of the Void. Captains and more junior officers occasionally cause embarrassment to the Legion through their actions or stunts, and Fleet Admiral Sageheart deals with the political fallout of all of them as well, negotiating with the leaders of nations, worlds, and celestial empires alike. Under her leadership, the Infinite Star Legion’s influence and protections have spread to nearly three dozen systems, the second largest expansion in Legion history.

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