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Bastion Incantorum

The largest and best established school of magical learning in the known universe, the Bastion Incantorum focuses on the study of magic that assists in the traveling and surviving in the void. This does include a practical knowledge of combat-magic, but students also study piloting techniques and basic wilderness survival. Established by the magus Kataar Stonewarden over a thousand years ago, on the planet Labollus, the Bastion Incantorum has academies of magical learning in more than forty systems.

Location varies


Entrance Fee 50 credits

Entrance Exam DC 20 Mysticism check

Tuition 150 credits/semester


Education Checks Mysticism, Piloting, Survival

Semester 6 months

Flunk 3 consecutive failed Education Checks

Extracurricular Tasks

Sorcerous Duel (+1 Fame) You gain 1 point of Fame each time you win a spellcasting duel against another student at the Bastion Incantorum whose CR equals or exceeds your character level. Duels cannot be to the death, and if you kill your opponent, you are expelled from the school. This task can be completed multiple times per term, but counts against the total amount of Fame a student can earn per character level.

Planetfall (+1 Fame) The Bastion Incantorum celebrates new experiences that are achieved through personal effort, and few are as celebrated as the first time that one of their students lands on a new planet for the first time. When you make your way to and land upon the surface of a planet that you have never visited before all on your own, you gain 1 point of Fame.