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Void Creature Template Graft (CR 1+) (3pp)

Void creatures are living beings that have evolved or otherwise adapted to living in the harsh environment of the void of outer space.

Traits: low-light vision; DR 5/piercing or slashing (improves to DR 10/piercing for CR 8–14, and improves to DR 15/piercing for CR 15+); Immune radiation immunity; Resist cold 10; land or burrowing speed can only be used in no- or low-gravity environments; fly speed (Su, average) equal to swim speed or 30 ft., whichever is higher, if the creature doesn’t have an existing fly speed; if the creature already has an existing fly speed, its maneuverability improves one step (to a minimum of average); no breath; if CR 12 or greater, gains starflight; environment becomes outer space.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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