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Pod-Spawned Template Graft (CR 13-)

This plant creature is a near-perfect replica of a creature that was consumed by a body thief plant.

Required Creature Type: Plant

Suggested Array: Same as original creature.

Automatic TraitsLow-light vision

Ability Modifiers—decrease Charisma modifier by 2

Options—The podspawned creature gains a single feat or special ability possessed by the original creature for every 3 CR it possesses. The pod-spawned creature also gains the mimicry special ability, below.

Mimicry (Ex)

A pod-spawned creature retains all the knowledge of its original.

It can impersonate the original perfectly except for its lack of emotion. This emotionlessness can be detected with a successful DC 20 Sense Motive check. A creature familiar with the original gains a +5 circumstance bonus on this check.

If the pod-spawned creature feigns sincere emotion, the Sense Motive check is opposed by its Bluff check instead.

Pod-spawned creatures resemble the original down to hair and blood. Noticing small physical imperfections requires a successful Perception check with a DC determined by the spawning body thief’s Disguise check, made when the pod hatches.

Suggested Ability Modifiers: Same as original creature.

A creature with the pod-spawned template is a duplicate created by the body thief. It resembles the original and has all its memories but can’t exhibit sincere emotion. Pod-spawned creatures can’t reproduce and remain the same apparent age as their original at the time of replacement.

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