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Insectile Creature Template Graft (CR 1+)

Creatures cocooned by an azaka thought-seeker are converted into insectile creatures, under the telepathic control of the hive.

Required Creature Type: Aberration

Required Subtype: Azaka

Required Array: Combatant

Alignment: N

Traits: chitin, darkvision, diminished consciousness, insectile servitude, radioactive aura, telepathy

Skills: Perception

Abilities: energy defense, radioactive bite

Chitin (Ex)

Insectile creatures gain a protective layer of chitin, adding an additional +3 to their KAC.

Diminished Consciousness (Ex)

While an insectile creature retains some of its intelligence, its ability to think and reason is significantly diminished (Intelligence modifier -3). An insectile creature cannot speak or otherwise verbally communicate, though it can still communicate telepathically with any creature with the azaka subtype. An insectile creature cannot act of its own free will, and does not cast spells, use skills, or take any other action except when commanded by its masters. If attacked, an insectile creature still defends itself.

Energy Defense (Ex)

An insectile creature’s radioactive aura interferes with most energy weapons. Any weapon targeting the insectile creature’s EAC incurs a 20% miss chance.

Insectile Servitude (Ex)

An insectile creature is bound to the azaka thought-seeker which created it. It must follow that azaka’s commands, as well as the commands of any other azaka in the same hive. Any attempt to take mental control of an insectile creature currently under the command of an azaka, or free the insectile creature from this control, has a chance to fail equal to the number of azaka in its master’s current hive-mind. Any creature with the telepathy ability can attempt an opposed Charisma check to disrupt the insectile creature’s domination, but the insectile creature receives a bonus on this check equal to the number of azaka hive members within a one-mile radius.

Radioactive Bite (Ex)

Any creature subjected to a successful bite attack from an insectile creature must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 13) or be afflicted with radiation sickness and progress immediately to the weakened stage.

Radioactive Aura (Ex)

Insectile creatures emit an aura of mild radiation in a 30 ft. radius. As near-mindless creatures, they do not count as azaka for the purposes of determining the strength of an azaka hive-mind.

Suggested Ability Modifiers: Strength, Constitution

The process that creates insectile creatures works on all manner of living organisms. Horrifying stories of insectile cave giants and other nightmarish abominations are the topic of popular horror stories and tall tales told in sordid cantinas.

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