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Begedhi Parasite Host Template Graft (CR 2+)

Required Creature Type: Aberration, animal, dragon, humanoid, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid.

Required Array: Any.

Traits: Regeneration 2 (in areas of sunlight only).

Attack: Gains a vine melee attack that uses the low attack bonus and deals slashing damage as normal for CR, but the host takes the minimum damage from each attack regardless of whether it strikes the intended target. The creature can make a full attack with two vines and take only –3 on each attack roll.

Drawbacks: The begedhi parasite host is treated as both its original type and as a plant creature for effects targeting creatures by type (whichever would be worse for the host).

Systems: brain, spinal column

Suggested Ability Score Modifiers: Charisma, Constitution

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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