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Assimilated Creature Template Graft (CR 1+)

The assimilation strain is an artificially created virus which rewrites the host creature’s DNA and causes them to become docile and compliant, especially towards the alien creatures responsible for the disease’s creation. An assimilated creature is one that has succumbed to the perfected or pure form of the virus. An alternate, less stable mutation of this disease results in a creature with the madness creature template graft.

Required Creature Type: Animal, humanoid, or monstrous humanoid

Required Array: Combatant

Alignment: NE

Traits: –4 penalty on saving throws against mind-affecting effects from xoraphonds and other creatures that deliver or use the assimilation strain, +4 bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects from all other creatures, +2 bonus on saving throws against sleep effects or effects that cause the fatigued or exhausted condition, +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls when making attacks of opportunity, alien understanding.

Abilities: alien understanding, contagious

Alien Understanding (Ex)

An assimilated creature can understand the speech of xoraphonds and other creatures that deliver or use the assimilation strain.

Contagious (Ex)

Contact with an assimilated creature can result in the transmission of the assimilation strain. The first 24 hours after a creature has acquired the assimilation creature template graft, the risk of spreading the disease is greatest. During this period, even non-violent physical contact can transmit the disease (DC 14 Fortitude negates). Close proximity including intimate contact, exposure to bodily fluids, and use of a Medicine check to deliver first aid or treat deadly wounds, or contact with an infected creature taking bleed damage imparts a –2 penalty on this saving throw. The duration required for exposure is subject to the GM’s discretion. Creatures who take special precautions to avoid contact may gain a +2 circumstance bonus on their saving throws to avoid contracting the disease. The disease is not airborne and cannot be inhaled, it is transmitted through contact.

After 24 hours, an assimilated creature transmits the disease through injury or direct contact with an enemy’s recent injury. A melee touch attack suffices against an injured opponent.

Suggested Ability Modifiers: Strength, Constitution

Assimilation Strain

Type disease (contact and injury); Save Fortitude DC 14

Track mental; Frequency 1/day

Effect progression track is Healthy—Latent—Weakened; weakened is the end state. At the weakened state, the victim gains the assimilated creature template graft and becomes contagious.

Cure 2 consecutive saves.

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