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Tsukumogami Template Graft

Tsukumogami are kami that permanently merge with small objects, developing strange anthropomorphic qualities.

Required Creature Type and Subtype: Outsider (kami, native). If the tsukumogami is merged with a technological or hybrid item, it also gains the technological subtype.

Suggested Alignment: NG or NE.

Required Array: Spellcaster. If the tsukumogami is merged with a technological item, choose its spell-like abilities from the technomancer spell list. If it’s merged with a magic item, choose its spell-like abilities from the mystic spell list. If it is merged with a hybrid item, each spell-like ability can be from either list.

Traits: Tiny or smaller; construct immunities; fast healing 5; permanent merge (see below); telepathy 100 ft.

Permanent Merge (Su): A tsukumogami claims an object of no more than 2 bulk as its ward, and the kami permanently merges with its ward, animating and controlling that object as its body. The tsukumogami can appear to be its ward by remaining still, allowing it to attempt a Stealth check to hide in plain sight as if it had cover or concealment. If it succeeds, it appears to be a normal version of its ward rather than a creature. A tsukumogami can’t emerge from its ward.

Suggested Ability Modifiers: Dex, Wis.

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