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Noqual Dragon Template Graft (CR 3+)

The pale green noqual dragons are rarely seen. Most make it their ambition to seek out and battle evil spellcasters.

Required Creature Type: Dragon.

Suggested Alignment: Neutral good.

Traits: Blindsense (vibration) 60 feet; darkvision 120 feet; dampening field aura (see below); frightful presence (CR 14+, 60 feet + 10 feet per CR); void adaptation; DR 5/— (CR 13+, increase to DR 10/— at CR 15, DR 15/— at CR 17, DR 20/— at CR 19); breath weapon (cone 15 feet + 5 feet per 2 CR, 1d8 So + 1d8 per CR); detect magic as an at-will spell-like ability; spaceflight.

Dampening Field (Su)

Magic is difficult to perform near a noqual dragon. Any creature attempting to cast a spell within 60 feet of a noqual dragon must succeed at a caster level check (1d20 + caster level) or lose the spell slot. The DC of this check is determined by the noqual dragon’s spell resistance.

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