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Mind-Swapped Template Graft

Apply this graft to each creature involved in a mind swap.

Traits: Each creature gains the other’s mental ability scores ( Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma), trained capabilities (class features, proficiencies, saving throw bonuses, skills, spellcasting), languages, and mental powers, such as spell-like and supernatural abilities. A creature retains any senses based on other abilities it retains. The effectiveness of retained abilities is based on the creature’s original level or CR. Each target also retains its Hit Points and Stamina Points.

A creature in an unfamiliar body gains the following trait.

Awkward (Ex)

The creature takes a –4 penalty to attack rolls and Strength – and Dexterity -based skill checks. Every 24 hours the mind swap continues, a creature that has this trait can attempt a Will saving throw with a DC equal to that of the effect that created the mind swap. On a success, this trait fades away, along with its mechanical limitations.

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