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Emotivore Template Graft (CR 7+)

This creature’s unnatural abilities allow it to feed on emotions.

Required Creature Type: Undead (shapechanger).

Required Array: Spellcaster.

Traits: Blindsense (emotion) 60 ft., emotionsense; DR 5/magic (at CR 11, increase to DR 10/magic); resistance 5 to cold (increase to 10 at CR 11; increase to 15 at CR 15); claws (standard melee damage for CR, plus shaken critical hit effect [see above]); feed; spell-like abilities (CR 5+; at will; detect thoughts, holographic image [level = CR/5], mind thrust [level = CR/5]); Bluff as a master skill; change shape.

Suggested Ability Score Modifiers: Dexterity, Wisdom, Charisma.

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