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Lunar Dragon Template Graft (CR 3+)

Lunar dragons often seek out civilizations that have yet to achieve space travel and help the scientists there to achieve it.

Required Creature Type: Dragon.

Suggested Alignment: Chaotic neutral.

Traits: Blindsense (vibration) 60 feet; darkvision 120 feet; see in darkness; alien presence (CR 10+; 60 feet + 10 feet per CR; confused 2d4 rounds); void adaptation; DR 5/magic (CR 13+, increase to DR 10/magic at CR 15, DR 15/magic at CR 17, DR 20/magic at CR 19); immunity to cold; burrow speed of 20 feet; breath weapon (Line“>line 30 feet + 10 feet per CR, 1d8 C + 1d8 per CR); bewildering breath (see below); moonsilver (see below); spell-like abilities (CR 8+); spaceflight.

Bewildering Breath (Su)

A creature that fails its save against a lunar dragon’s breath weapon is dazzled for 1d4 rounds.

Moonsilver (Ex)

A lunar dragon’s natural weapons are treated as silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

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