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Metallic Dragon Template Grafts

Metallic dragons tend to use their abilities to protect others and improve their surroundings.

As with most true dragons, a metallic dragon’s size is based on its CR (CR 3–4: Small; CR 5–6: Medium; CR 7–10: Large; CR 11–16: Huge; CR 17–24: Gargantuan; CR 25: Colossal), as is its fly speed (CR 3–6: 150 ft. [Ex, average]; CR 7–10: 200 ft. [Ex, average]; CR 11–16: 200 ft. [Ex, clumsy]; CR 17–25: 250 ft. [Ex, clumsy]), and if it is CR 11 or higher, it has the crush universal creature rule and spell resistance equal to 11 + its CR.