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Blue Dragon Template Graft

Stacking plans within plans, blue dragons obsessively dwell on their pet projects.

Required Creature Type: Dragon.

Suggested Alignment: Lawful evil.

Traits: Earth subtype; blindsense 60 feet and darkvision 120 feet; immunity to electricity, paralysis, and sleep; DR 5/ magic (CR 11+; increase to DR 10/magic at (CR 13, DR 15/magic at (CR 15, DR 20/magic at (CR 17); SR 11 + (CR (CR 12+); burrow speed of 60 feet.

Abilities: Breath weapon (line 30 feet + 10 feet per 2 CR, 1d8 E + 1d8 per CR), frightful presence (CR 9+, 60 feet + 10 feet per CR), spell-like abilities (CR 9+), sound imitation (see below).

Sound Imitation (Ex): A blue dragon can mimic any voice or sound it has heard by succeeding at a Bluff check opposed by a listener’s Sense Motive check.

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