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Zvarr Outlaw Level 2

Zvarr outlaw operative 2
CN Medium humanoid (reptoid)
Init +4; Perception +8, darkvision 60 ft.


SP 14
HP 14
RP 4; EAC 16; KAC 17
Fort +1; Ref +6; Will +3
Defensive Abilities evasion, vestigial wings


Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
Melee tactical dueling sword +1 (1d6 S; analog) or unarmed +1 (1d3 +2 B)
Ranged static arc pistol +4 (1d6 E, critical arc 2, stun) or incendiary grenade I +1 (explode [5 ft., 1d6 F plus 1d4 burn, DC 13]) or shock grenade I +1 (explode [15 ft., 1d8 E, DC 13])
Offensive Abilities bite, trick attack +1d4


Str 11 (+0); Dex 16 (+3); Con 12 (+1); Int 14 (+2); Wis 10 (+0); Cha 10 (+0)
Skills Acrobatics +10, Athletics +6, Bluff +5, Computers +8, Culture +8, Diplomacy +2, Disguise +5, Engineering +9, Mysticism +3, Perception +9 Piloting +9, Sense Motive +5, Sleight of Hand +13, Stealth +9
Feats Grenade Proficiency, Skill Focus (Perception), Skill Focus (Sleight of Hand)
Languages Auran, Common, Draconic, Reptoid
Other Abilities jack of all trades, theme knowledge (outlaw), thief specialization
Gear freebooter armor I, static arc pistol with battery (20 charges), tactical dueling sword, incendiary grenade I, shock grenade I, computer (tier 1), disguise kit, credstick (330 credits)


Mathematical Prodigy (Ex)

Mathematics has always come easily for Girrun, and he’s always been able to “see the math” in the physical and magical world. He gains a +1 bonus on Engineering and Mysticism checks, and Engineering is always a class skill for him.

Ruin Delver (Ex)

Girrun’s home planet held a number of ruins from an ancient, long lost civilization dotting its landscape. At some point, he explored them and, during one such foray, he found a small trinket with curious properties, keeping it with him ever since. As a result, Girrun gains a +2 trait bonus on Mysticism checks to identify a magic item. In addition, the small bauble is worth 100 gp. However, if sold, the trait bonus on Mysticism checks is reduced to +1.

Vestigial Wings

Girrun can use his wings to glide; if he succeeds at a DC 15 Acrobatics check to fly, he falls safely from any height without taking falling damage, as if using a 1st-level casting of flight. When falling safely, Girrun can attempt an additional DC 15 Acrobatics check to glide, moving 5 feet in any horizontal direction for every 1 foot he falls, at a speed of 60 feet per round. Girrun cannot gain height with these wings alone; he can merely coast in other directions as he falls. If subjected to a strong wind or any other effect that causes a creature with gliding wings to rise, Girrun can take advantage of the updraft to increase the distance it can glide.

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