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Zahajin Scion

Zahajin Scion CR 13

XP 25,600
Zahajin solarian
CN Medium humanoid (aquatic, zahajin)
Init +6; Senses aetherite sense, darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +23
Weaknesses aetherite radiation dependency, light blindness


HP 225
RP 5; EAC 27; KAC 29
Fort +15; Ref +13; Will +14
Immunities aetherite radiation
Defensive Abilities glow of life, hypnotic glow


During Combat Aetherite scions wade into the fray, cutting down interlopers with their aetherite-infused scythes. They try to catch as many foes as they can with their ray of radiation zenith revelation.

Morale Aetherite scions are either slightly mad professionals, or zealous fanatics, depending on one’s perspective. They fight until death.


Speed 20 ft., climb 20 ft., swim 40 ft.
Melee stellar weapon (scythe) +26 (3d12+21 S, critical living aetherite reactor)
Ranged yellow star plasma pistol +23 (2d8+13 E & F, critical burn 1d8, line)
Offensive Abilities black hole, flashing strikes, living aetherite reactor, ray of radiation, solarian’s onslaught, solar manifestation (solar weapon), supernova


Str +8; Dex +6; Con +0; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +4
Skills Athletics +28 (+44 when climbing), Mysticism +23, Survival +23
Languages Zahaj-el
Other Abilities amphibious, expert climber, stellar alignment
Gear D-suit IV, yellow star plasma pistol (40 charges)


Black Hole (Su)

This functions as the solarian stellar revelation of the same name. As a standard action, the zahajin aetherite scion can pull any number of creatures within 30 feet closer. Each target must succeed a DC 19 Fortitude saving throw or be pulled 10 feet towards the zahajin aetherite scion.

Living Aetherite Reactor (Su)

Zahajin aetherite scions eschew the use of solarian crystals, as they interfere with the aetherite-infused cosmic radiation they channel. While photon-attuned, a zahajin aetherite scion may spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction after successfully damaging a single creature with a stellar revelation or their solar weapon to lace aetherite radiation into their cosmic fire. The zahajin aetherite scion may choose which creature to affect if a stellar revelation successfully affects more than one creature. The target creature must succeed a DC 19 Fortitude saving throw or contract aetherite radiation sickness from the excessive aetherite radiation infused into their attacks. Additionally, critical hits with their solar weapon while photon-attuned are automatically enhanced by this ability. Using a solarian crystal prevents the use of this ability and cause long- term health-issues for the zahajin aetherite scion.

Ray of Radiation (Su)

This functions as the solarian zenith revelation ray of light, except that all creatures through whose squares the zahajin aetherite scion passes as a ray of light must succeed a DC 19 Fortitude saving throw as though exposed to medium aetherite radiation, or contract aetherite radiation sickness.

Supernova (Su)

This functions as the solarian stellar revelation of the same name. As a standard action, the zahajin aetherite scion can deal 13d6 fire damage to all creatures within 10 or 15 ft. feet. A creature that succeeds a DC 19 Reflex saving throw takes half damage.


Environment The Darkwild
Organization solitary, pair, or skirmish (1–2 plus 2d6 CR 1 zahajin soldiers)

The constant exposure to high levels of aetherite has changed how the gifts of the solarian manifest for some zahajin – a sign of being particularly favored by the cosmos, no doubt. As such, these beings are treated with special awe. Aetherite scions tend to become slightly mad, whether by their gifts or their special place in zahajin society, though. Their fervor rivals that of the most fanatic of zealots.

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