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Street Thug

Street Thug CR 1

XP 400
Human operative
NE Medium humanoid (human)
Init +5; Perception +11


HP 17 each; EAC 11; KAC 12
Fort +3; Ref +7; Will +4


Speed 30 ft.
Melee tactical baton +6 (1d4+1 B) unarmed strike +6 (1d4+1 B)
Ranged needler pistol +4 (1d4+1 P plus green lotus extract; critical injection +2 DC)
Offensive Abilities trick attack +1d4


During Combat Street thugs fight dirty, pairing up to flank opponents, poisoning them from afar, and using Bluff and Intimidate to make trick attacks.

Morale Street thugs have no belly for a prolonged fight. Once reduced to less than 5 Hit Points, or more than half their number falls to the PCs, they flee.


Str +0; Dex +4; Con +0; Int +0; Wis +1; Cha +2
Skills Athletics +6, Bluff +6, Intimidate +11, Sleight of Hand +11, Stealth +6
Feats Improved Unarmed Strike
Languages Common (Argosan)
Other Abilities specialization (thief )
Gear second skin, needler pistol with 6 darts, tactical baton, green lotus extract (2 doses), credstick (13 credits)


Street thugs are crude muscle employed by other criminals to keep rivals at bay and shake down hapless shopkeepers and terrorize the citizenry with brutal beatings. In lawless cities, street thugs can serve as corrupt guardsmen or as a vigilante militia. Street thugs can also be used as bouncers in a tavern or casino. Some might be trained in the arts of intimidation and extortion. Outside of cities and towns, street thugs can also be used as bandits or brigands, or as low-level guards for a merchant caravan.

You can use the above statblock to represent low-level bodyguards or security forces, switching their armament up for more lethal weapons.

Ranged tactical semi-auto pistol +4 (1d6+1 P)
Gear instead of needler pistols and green lotus extract, these thugs each carry a tactical semi-auto pistol with 12 small arm rounds

Impoverished street thugs haunting junkyards may have to make do with improvised weapons cobbled together from the refuse of others.

Ranged scrap fist cannon +4 (1d4 P)
Gear instead of needler pistols and green lotus extract, these thugs each carry a scrap fist cannon with 8 small arm rounds

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