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Prisoner CR 2

XP 600
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Perception +9


HP 23; EAC 13; KAC 14
Fort +3; Ref +1; Will +5


Speed 30 ft.
Melee improvised club +8 (1d6+2 B; analog, archaic)


Str +0; Dex +1; Con +4; Int +0; Wis +2; Cha +0
Skills Acrobatics +9, Athletics +9, Bluff +14, Computers +14, Sleight of Hand +14, Stealth +9
Languages Common
Other Abilities prison insight
Gear improvised club


Prison Insight (Ex)

A prisoner can impart secrets of a prison they have inhabited, granting a +4 bonus when using the aid another action to help an ally with Diplomacy, Perception and Survival checks within that prison. A prisoner can also draw a map of a prison, might have information about other prisoners, or know which guards are corrupt.


Prisoners are hapless wretches who have spent uncounted years locked away in the deepest cells. Battered and bruised, their minds assaulted by the endless imprisonment and the mad ravings of weak-minded cellmates, prisoners endure through sheer force of will and the hope that one day they shall see their freedom. Prisoners may be found in town jails, large prisons, or isolated lockups, either as convicted criminals, political prisoners, or wretched captives.

Prisoners can be used for escaped convicts, beggars, indentured servants, crash survivors, escaped laborers, or similar outlaws or desperate folk. Swapping skills allow for great customization of the prisoner: A doctor imprisoned because of some secret discovered while treating a patient, for example, might replace Bluff with Diplomacy, Computers with Medicine, and Stealth with Life Science.

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