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Master Detective

Master Detective CR 13

XP 25,600
Human operative
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +9; Perception +29


HP 210; EAC 27; KAC 28
Fort +12; Ref +15; Will +16
Defensive Abilities improved evasion, uncanny agility


Speed 50 ft.
Melee ultrathin dagger +24 (4d4+17 S)
Ranged elite shirren-eye rifle +24 (4d10+13 P; sniper 750 ft; unwieldy)
Offensive Abilities quad attack, trick attack +7d8 (Sleight of Hand +28)


Before Combat V’ii is expecting ambush—he’s paranoid, so he always has his shirren-eye rifle in hand, hefting the great thing while keeping his dagger at his waist. He keeps the golem at his back at all times, even during combat. V’ii’s first thought is to use a spell ampoule of invisibility and get away—he knows his clients are not far away. He has the darksphere and knows how to use it, so if cornered he activates it.

During Combat V’ii is brutal—he’s had a tough life and fights like a cornered dog, rarely using his spells. He likes to lead with his rail gun and then use his ultrathin dagger while being backed by his golem.

Morale V’ii surrenders the darksphere if he is reduced to 30 hit points or less, thinking it better to live to search another day and plot vengeance.


Str +4; Dex +6; Con +8; Int +2; Wis +1; Cha +3
Skills Culture +29, Diplomacy +24, Intimidate +29, Physical Science +24, Profession (miner) +24, Sense Motive +24, Sleight of Hand +28
Languages Common
Gear d-suit IV decorated with an iron eagle, ultrathin dagger, elite shirren-eye rifle with 12 rounds, heavy dirty clothes, plague mask, 25 credits, mk 2 serum of healing, 2 spell ampoules of invisibility, darksphere held in a folded cloth below his armor, black leather gloves, high black leather boots with steel and silver spurs set with small diamonds worth 800 credits, silver pocket-watch set with amethysts worth 1,300 credits, and a reptile-skin wallet containing 1,120 credits.

Darksphere (Hybrid Artifact)

Price Priceless; Level 20 Bulk 1

A darksphere is a small spherical object about the size of a human fist, covered in ancient symbols representing peculiar animals. The sphere is equal parts weapon and construction tool, projecting a destructive gateway lasting 6 rounds before collapsing under its own power, after which the darksphere must recharge for 24 hours.

The gateway requires a standard action to begin, manifesting within 40 feet of the darksphere, and the gateway can be moved up to 10 feet with another standard action. Either use of the darksphere requires a successful DC 30 Mysticism or Physical Science check. On a failed roll to move the gateway, it instead moves 10 feet towards the bearer of the darksphere.

Any non-artifact object is destroyed by contact with the gateway, a 2-foot-wide gouge being taken out as the projection passes through. Creatures may attempt a DC 30 Reflex save when the gateway enters their space to avoid it, but any creature touched must spend a legendary power point or be instantly consumed. If a creature spends a legendary power point this way, the projection is disrupted and its duration immediately ends.

The other end of the gateway is unknown, but characters passing through the gateway can be assumed stranded or dead. A careful reading of the Opus Aeterna (with a DC 30 Society check) suggests that material passing through the gateway is somehow recycled at the far end.


The darksphere can be destroyed with if the correct alignment of symbols, described in the Opus Aeterna, is dialed into the darksphere and it is thrown into its own gateway.

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