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Legion Commander

Legion Commander CR 15

XP 51,200
Auttaine soldier
LE Medium humanoid (half-construct, human)
Init +7; Perception +26


HP 275; EAC 29; KAC 32
Fort +19; Ref +15; Will +15; DR 3/—; Resist acid 5, cold 15, fire 15


Speed 20 ft.
Melee human-bane storm shock truncheon +28 (3d12+29 E, stun; critical arc 3d4 or stun human)
Ranged white star plasma rifle +25 (4d10+15 E & F, line; critical burn 2d8) or shock grenade IV +25 (6d12 E, explode 15 ft., DC 21)
Offensive Abilities soldier’s onslaught


Before Combat If aware of attack, the legion commander positions his men as described in the rooms detailed.

During Combat The legion commander believes in his racial superiority; he is an overly confident fighter, and wades into combat, leading from the front.

Morale If he loses more than 6 troops, or half his hit points, the legion commander retreats to seek other allies, preparing for a final fight if unable to escape.


Str +9; Dex +7; Con +3; Int –1; Wis +1; Cha +5
Skills Athletics +26, Intimidate +31, Mysticism +26
Languages Common
Gear serum of healing mk 3, 2 shock grenades IV, golemforged plating V with filtered rebreather and thermal capacitor mk 3, human-bane storm shock truncheon, white star plasma rifle, four high-capacity batteries, magnificent uniform replete with a dozen medals made of a combination of silver, platinum, and gold worth 3,000 credits in total.

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