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House Servant

House Servant CR 1/2

XP 200
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Perception +1


HP 12 each; EAC 10; KAC 11
Fort +2; Ref +0; Will +3


Speed 30 ft.
Melee household object (broom, candlestick, etc.) +4 (1d4+2 B)
Ranged thrown household object (book, dish etc.) +2 (1d4 B)
Offensive Abilities improvised weaponry


During Combat Household servants are not trained for combat and fight only to defend themselves, typically taking the total defense action each round.

Morale A household servant’s top priority in combat is to flee or surrender as soon as possible.


Str +2; Dex +3; Con +0; Int +0; Wis +1; Cha +0
Skills Culture +9, Diplomacy +4, Sleight of Hand +4, Stealth +4, Profession (household servant) +9
Languages Common
Gear household uniform, cleaning supplies, keys to some parts of the household


Improvised Weaponry (Ex)

As a household servant is rarely armed, such individuals are often adept at brandishing whatever objects happen to be handy in cases of bandits, monsters, or other unforeseen circumstances. They do not take the normal –4 penalty to attack rolls with such improvised objects and are treated as proficient with such objects, but they do not gain a Weapon Specialization bonus to their attack rolls.

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