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Golem Guard

Golem Guard CR 12

XP 19,200
Human operative
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +8; Perception +23


HP 185; EAC 26; KAC 27
Fort +11; Ref +14; Will +15; +1 vs. magical effects
Defensive Abilities evasion, golem guard’s boost, uncanny agility; DR 4


Speed 50 ft.
Melee defending advanced retractable spike +23 (3d4+20 P)
Ranged hush sonic suppressor +21 (2d8+12 So; critical stifle) or spectre assassin rife +21 +21 (5d6+12 P; sniper [750 ft.], unwieldy)
Offensive Abilities debilitating attack, terrain attack, trick attack +6d8, triple attack


Str +8; Dex +5; Con +2; Int +4; Wis +0; Cha +0
Skills Acrobatics +28, Athletics +23, Bluff +23, Sense Motive +28, Sleight of Hand +23, Survival +28

Feats Quick Draw
Languages Common, Itac
Other Abilities operative exploits (improved uncanny mobility, versatile movement), operative specialization (daredevil)
Gear noqual white carbon skin, defending advanced retractable spike (2), hush sonic suppressor with 2 high-capacity batteries (40 charges each), spectre assassin rifle with 12 rounds, dermal plating mk IV, weaponized prosthesis (2; arms)


Golem Guard’s Boost (Ex)

A golem guard has undergone excruciating retrovirus treatments that allow them to boost their defensive capabilities by temporarily fusing with their unique noqual armors. As a reaction when the golem guard is successfully hit by an attack, the golem guard can increase their DR by +4, to a total of DR 8/-. This lasts for 1 minute. A golem guard may use golem guard’s boost 2 times before requiring an 8-hour rest before using it again.

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