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Gladiator Champion

Gladiator Champion CR 8

XP 4,800
NE Medium humanoid (human)
Init +6; Perception +16


HP 150; EAC 20; KAC 22
Fort +12; Ref +13; Will +7


Speed 30 ft.
Melee limning decimator disintegration lash +19 (1d10+12 A; critical corrode 1d6) or static shock truncheon +19 (1d12+12 E; critical arc 1d4)
Ranged corona shoulder laser +16 (1d8+8 F; critical burn 1d6)
Offensive Abilities show-off


Before Combat The gladiator champion fills their auto- injector with their serum of healing.

During Combat The gladiator champion attempts to keep their primary target in melee, only resorting to their corona shoulder laser when they’re unable to reach them in melee. They throw their teleportation puck into a corner of the arena they think an opponent may flee to, later teleporting to it to catch them by surprise.

Morale In an arena or paid event, a gladiator champion fights until the conditions of the fight are met. Outside of paid combat, they surrender if reduced to 50 or fewer hit points.


Str +4; Dex +6; Con +0; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +2
Skills Acrobatics +16, Athletics +16, Bluff +21, Profession (video personality) +16
Languages Common, Eoxian
Gear advanced lashunta tempweave (auto-injector, corona shoulder laser, jetpack), decimator disintegration lash, static shock truncheon, corona shoulder laser, improvisation adornment mk 1, teleportation puck, serum of healing mk 3, medkit (advanced)


Show-off (Ex)

A gladiator can spend a move action to perform a trick, mock their opponent, or otherwise rile up a crowd. They gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, EAC, KAC, and saving throws against a single creature they can see. This ability has no effect if there is no crowd of 10 or more creatures to impress.


In the gladiatorial games, this competitor knows how to use the crowd to their advantage and fights with sadistic glee. Outside the area, they’d rather enjoy the fruits of their labor than get into any fights. After all, they’re paid for that kind of thing.

A typical gladiator champion rose up from hopeless slavery to great fame, winning match after match with luck, skill, and the approval of the crowd. He has defeated single opponents and dozens of warriors at once, as well as strange beasts from every world. Now at the top of his game, the champion fights every public battle as if a grand audience were watching. Though he may be a slave, he has thousands of fans, and his owner (or patron, if he is free) is careful to not put him in matches where he will likely be slain. The gladiator champion lives for the fighting, the glory, the wet heat of his opponent’s blood, and the noise of the joyous crowd.

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