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Dwarven Engineer

Dwarven Engineer CR 4

XP 1,200
Dwarf mechanic
LN Medium humanoid (dwarf)
Init +3; Senses 60 ft.; Perception +11


HP 45; EAC 16; KAC 17
Fort +5; Ref +5; Will +7; +2 vs. poison, spells, and spell-like abilities


Speed 20 ft.
Melee tactical swoop hammer +10 (1d10+6 B; critical knockdown)
Ranged thunderstrike sonic pistol (1d8+4 So; critical deafen [DC 15])
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft. (10 ft. with swoop hammer)
Offensive Abilities traditional enemies


Str +2; Dex +3; Con +1; Int +5; Wis +0; Cha +0
Skills Athletics +11, Engineering +16, Physical Science +16, Profession (Craftsman) +16
Feats Barricade, Master Crafter
Languages Bahgra, Common, Dwarven, Elven, Oulbaene, Vesk
Other Abilities stonecunning
Gear golemforged plating II (load lifter), tactical swoop hammer, thunderstrike sonic pistol with 1 battery (20 charges)


Engineers love tinkering with machinery and their normally taciturn demeanor changes rapidly if someone shows similar interest in the devices they love.

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