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Bil’djooli Elite Soldier

Bil’djooli Elite Soldier CR 13

XP 25,600
Bil’djool soldier
LE Medium aberration (aquatic, bil’djooli)
Init +16; Perception +23, darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision
Aura contamination (5 ft., DC 19)


HP 225; EAC 27; KAC 30
Fort +15; Ref +13; Will +14
Defensive Abilities guard’s protection, duck and weave; DR 3/—; Resistances cold 10
Weaknesses vulnerability to toxins


Speed 20 ft., fly 30 ft. (average), swim 50 ft.
Melee paragon bil’djooli rod +23 (3d10+21 A, B, C, E, F or So; critical matter conversion IV) or Grindblade +23 (4d10 +21 S; critical bleed 2d8, analog)
Multiattack 4 tentacles + 17 (2d8 +21 B, plus contamination)
Ranged paragon bil’djooli rod +26 (3d6+13 A, B, C, E, F or So; critical matter conversion IV) or elite x-gen gun +26 (4d12+13 P, automatic) or incendiary grenade IV +26 (explode [20 ft., 5d6 F, 3d6 burn, 15 ft., DC 19]) or screamer grenade III +26 (explode [30 ft., 4d10 So, deafened 1d4 minutes, DC 19])
Offensive Abilities charge attack, fighting styles (blitz, guard), soldier’s onslaught


During Combat A bil’djooli elite soldier either gets fearlessly into the fray or attempts to protect any aquamancers or navarchs present, acting as either shock troop or bodyguard. Morale A bil’djooli elite soldier only surrenders if his Hit Points drop below 35 and if no superior officer, like a commander or quamancer, is around.


Str +8; Dex +6; Con +4; Int +0; Wis +0; Cha +0
Skills Acrobatics +23, Athletics +23, Intimidate +28, Life Science +28, Medicine +23
Languages Bil’djool, Common
Other Abilities armor training, jet
Gear bil’djooli armor IV with jetpack (capacity 40), bil’djooli rod (paragon) with ultra-capacity battery (100 charges), grindblade, x-gen gun (elite) with 100 rounds, incendiary grenade IV (2), screamer grenade III (2), mk III serum of healing (2)


Contamination (Ex)

Bil’djooli elite soldiers secrete toxins that wash away easily in water, contaminating their own space and all adjacent spaces with a short-lived, mild paralytic. When the bil’djooli is not submerged, the poison only affects those hit by their natural attacks, or who strike it with natural attacks or unarmed strikes, rendering them sluggish on a failed Fortitude saving throw, as per the Dexterity poison track. While submerged, the poison is too diluted to further impede assailants beyond the sluggish state and does not cause Hit Point loss due to initial exposure. Out of the water, a bil’djooli elite soldier must make a Fortitude save against refined bil’djooli slime once per hour and loses 4 Hit Points per hour due to exposure to its own slime.

Duck and Weave (Ex)

Bil’djooli elite soldiers focus on shock troop tactics in their training. Instead of the rapid recovery style technique, a bil’djooli elite soldier gains the duck and weave style technique. This works as the soldier ability of the same name, save that the bil’djooli elite soldier may use it 5 times per day before requiring an 8-hour rest to use it again.

Jet (Ex)

A bil’djooli elite soldier can choose to jet as part of using the run action, gaining the benefits of the Jet Dash feat, but only while underwater or in a low- or zero gravity environment. The bil’djooli elite soldier may use this ability four times per day before requiring an 8-hour rest to use it again.

A bil’djooli elite soldier is a deadly and intimidating shock trooper or bodyguard, bred and trained to defend the elite of bil’djooli society.

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