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Aristocrat CR 8

XP 4,800
LN Medium humanoid (human)
Init +0; Perception +17


HP 115; EAC 20; KAC 21
Fort +7; Ref +7; Will +13


Speed 30 ft.
Melee vanishing ultrathin sword cane +15 (2d4+9 P; critical bleed 1d4)
Ranged ribbon lightning pistol +17 (1d10+8 E)
Spell-like Abilities (CL 8th)

1/daycharm monster (DC 18), dispel magic, suggestion (DC 18), summon creature (3rd level, archon, devil, inevitable, robot)


Before Combat Aristocrats coordinate strategy with their allies using telepathy, hoping to outmaneuver their foes.

During Combat An aristocrat depends on allies for safety; they cast summoning creature when they need additional allies and cast dispel magic to remove harmful effects. They cast suggestion on the most powerful opponent.


Str +0; Dex +0; Con +2; Int +4; Wis +0; Cha +6
Skills Bluff +22, Culture +22, Diplomacy +22, Intimidate +17, Sense Motive +17, Profession (Corporate Professional) +17
Languages Aklo, Celestial, Common, Drow, Infernal, Kasatha, Lashunta, Triaxian, Vesk, limited telepathy (100 ft.)
Gear gold corporate travel suit, vanishing ultrathin sword cane, ribbon lightning pistol, serum of healing mk 3, null- space chamber mk 1, mind-link circlet mk 2, computer tier- 4 (artificial personality, miniaturization 2)


Aristocrats tend to advance themselves in society by maneuvering through corporate management. They often travel with armed security and keep open contracts with lawful outsiders, able to call on their aid at a moment’s notice. Their personal computers act as virtual assistants, calling for reinforcements on their master’s behalf if they’re ever in danger.

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