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Thirsty One

Thirsty One CR 7

A rusty-red alien skeleton floats into view, seemingly crumbling into shadow as it moves.

XP 3,200
LE Medium undead (incorporeal)
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft., fluid sense 120 ft.; Perception +19
Aura anhydrous aura (10 ft., DC 15)


EAC 19; KAC 21
Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +8
Defensive Abilities incorporeal; Immunities undead immunities


Speed fly 50 ft. (Su, perfect)
Melee claw +17 (2d6+7 S plus desiccate)
Offensive Abilities desiccate (1d6 Con damage, DC 15)


Str —, Dex +5, Con —, Int +2, Wis +0, Cha +4
Skills Intimidate +14, Stealth +14
Languages Common
Other Abilities unliving


Anhydrous Aura (Su)

A thirsty one draws out moisture from everything within 10 feet.

Creatures within this aura must succeed at a Fortitude save each round or become fatigued as dehydration sets in. If a fatigued creature fails this saving throw, it is instead exhausted.

A creature that successfully saves is immune to the anhydrous aura of this thirsty one for 24 hours.

Desiccate (Su)

When a thirsty one deals damage with its claw attack, it can pull the liquid from its foe, dealing 1d6 Constitution damage. For every point of Constitution damage it deals, it recovers 5 Hit Points up to its normal maximum. These temporary HP last for 10 minutes or until depleted.

Unnatural Aura (Su)

Animals, whether wild or domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence of a spectre at a distance of 30 feet. They do not willingly approach nearer than that and panic if forced to do so unless a master succeeds at a DC 25 Survival check. A panicked animal remains so as long as it is within 30 feet of the spectre.

Fluid Sense (Su)

A thirsty one can detect any liquid within 120 feet as with blindsense.

Thirsty ones are the disturbed remnants of creatures slain by the catastrophic infusion of negative energy even as their bodies were nearly on death’s door from thirst or from the anhydrous leaching of their body moisture by an alien environment. They typically haunt the places where their undeath began, seeking to leach from the living in hopes of somehow drawing forth enough moisture to literally pull their lives back together. At first glance, a thirsty one appears to be a desiccated skeletal creature, but in truth their unquiet spirit holds together a semblance of their withered appearance just before death of a fine powdery dust left behind by the disintegrating dehydration of their former blood and body fluids.

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