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Bhuta CR 11

This ghostly apparition floats in the air on backward-facing feet. Its hands end in sharp talons, and its eyes glow with blue fire.

XP 12,800
NE Medium undead (incorporeal)
Init +8; Senses blindsight (scent) 30 ft., darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +20


EAC 24; KAC 26
Fort +13, Ref +13, Will +12
Defensive Abilities incorporeal; Immunities undead immunities
Weaknesses cold iron


Speed fly 30 ft. (Su, perfect)
Melee incorporeal claw +23 (4d6+11 S; critical 1d8 bleed)
Offensive Abilities blood drain (1d6 Con), possess animal
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11th)

3/daycharm monster (animals only, DC 17)
At willholographic image (3rd-level, as animal with backward feet, DC 17), tongues (animals only)


Str —, Dex +8, Con —, Int +3, Wis –1, Cha +5
Skills Bluff +20, Sense Motive +20, Survival +20, Stealth +20
Languages Common
Other Abilities unliving


Blood Drain (Su)

As a standard action, a bhuta can suck blood from an adjacent opponent that is taking bleed damage. The target takes 1d6 Constitution damage (Fort DC 18 for half). The bhuta heals 5 hit points when it drains blood.

Cold Iron Weakness (Su)

A cold iron weapon is considered to be magical when used against a bhuta and deals half damage to it. A magic cold iron weapon always deals full damage when used against a bhuta.

Possess Animal (Su)

A bhuta can attempt to possess an animal by projecting its soul into the animal’s body. The target animal must be within 100 feet and the bhuta must know where the animal is, though it does not need Line_of_Sight”>line of sight or Line_of_Effect”>line of effect to the animal. If the animal succeeds at a DC 18 Will save, it resists this possession.

If the bhuta is successful, its life force occupies the host body for up to 10 hours. The host’s soul is imprisoned with the bhuta but can still use its own senses (though it can’t assert any influence or use even purely mental abilities).

The bhuta can communicate telepathically with its host as if it shared a common language. It keeps its Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma modifiers, base save bonuses, alignment, and mental abilities. The body retains its Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution modifiers, hit points, natural abilities, and automatic abilities. A body with extra limbs doesn’t allow the bhuta to make more attacks than normal. It can’t activate the body’s extraordinary abilities.

As a standard action, the bhuta can shift freely back to its own body regardless of range, so long as it remains on the same plane. If the host’s body is killed, the bhuta returns to its own body and the life force of the host departs (it is dead). If the bhuta’s body is slain, when the 10-hour duration expires or the host’s body is killed, it is slain.


Environment any above-ground natural area
Organization solitary or with a group of animals

A bhuta is a ghostlike undead creature born of horrible death or murder in a natural setting. It is a manifestation of rage at the injustice of a death that interrupted important business or unsated desires. Doomed to haunt the wilderness within several miles of the site of its demise, a bhuta turns to the local fauna as tools for its vengeance.

A bhuta can appear in a variety of animalistic forms by using its powers of illusion, but its natural appearance is that of a savage and primitive humanoid phantom (often garbed as a priest or covered in mystic tattoos) that floats a foot above the ground as it moves. While bhutas are incorporeal, the touch of their claws creates horrific, bleeding wounds. A bhuta’s feet point backward. To disguise its nature, a bhuta can appear solid, manifesting in long robes that help disguise the fact that it floats and has strange feet.

Bhutas also can possess living animals to use as minions; an animal possessed by a bhuta casts no shadow, and therefore prefers to lurk in heavily canopied or thicketed areas, waiting for the right time to strike out and attack intruders.

Unlike ghosts, bhutas often have only a vague or compulsive to their persona and relationships in life. Sometimes they seek to complete tasks left undone in life or may work against those who slew their living forms. Bhutas who have no specific target for retribution still seek to trouble those living in or near their domains, coaxing passersby into accepting them as traveling companions and using their influence over animals as a testament to their benevolence. When invited to join a group, a bhuta can journey outside its normal territory. However, a bhuta’s hunger for living blood usually drives it to attack its companions before it wanders far.

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