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Vargouille CR 2 (Combatant)

XP 600
NE Small outsider (evil, extraplanar)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7


HP 25
EAC 13; KAC 15
Fort +4; Ref +4; Will +2


Speed fly 30 ft. (Ex; good)
Melee bite +11 (1d6+3P plus poison)
Offensive Abilities kiss, shriek


Str +1; Dex +4; Con +2; Int -3; Wis +1; Cha -1
Skills Acrobatics +12, Intimidate +7, Stealth +7
Languages Infernal


Kiss (Su)

A vargouille can kiss a helpless target by making a successful KAC attack. A kissed opponent must succeed on a DC 11 Fortitude save or begin a terrible transformation that changes the creature into a vargouille within 24 hours. The transformation is a disease effect.

Poison (Su)

When a vargouille bites a creature, the creature must succeed on a DC 11 Fortitude save. If the creature fails the saving throw, they must heal the bite damage normally. Damage caused by the bite can only be healed by magic if the cast makes a successful DC 17 caster check.

Shriek (Su)

A vargouille can open its distended mouth to shriek. Non-vargouilles within 60 feet who hear the shriek and can clearly see the creature must succeed on a DC 11 Fortitude save or be paralyzed for 2d4 rounds or until the monster attacks them, goes out of range, or leaves their sight. A creature that successfully saves cannot be affected by the same vargouille’s shriek for 24 hours.


Environment any
Organization pair, cluster (3-6), or mob (7-12)

Vargouilles are wicked creatures resembling winged heads with evilly-glowing eyes. The type of head can vary widely; some appear to be humanoid, while others resemble the heads of animals. These shrieking horrors occupy the same ecological niche in the fiendish realms as ravens or buzzards do on the mortal plane.

Vargouilles are difficult to destroy entirely. Their method of reproduction is to kiss a living creature, afflicting them with a fiendish curse. The body of the kissed individual withers and dies while the head begins to grow wings from its ears. This process takes only a matter of hours, allowing vargouilles to swiftly spread in the local area.

Vargouille Kiss

Type disease (contact); Save Fortitude DC 11

Track physical (special); Frequency 1/1d6 hours

Effect progression track is Healthy–Latent–Weakened–Impaired–Debilitated–Transformed.

During the weakened stage, all of the victim’s hair falls out. During the impaired stage, the ears grow into leathery wings, tentacles sprout on the chin and scalp, and the teeth become long, pointed fangs.

In the debilitated stage, the victim takes 1 point of Intelligence and Charisma damage per hour. In the final stage, the transformation is complete when the victim’s head breaks free from its body (which dies) and becomes a vargouille. The transformation’s progress is paused by sunlight or any light spell of 3rd level or higher.

Cure The victim must benefit from a successful casting of remove affliction before the final stage.

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