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Colossal Void Elemental

Colossal Void Elemental CR 11

XP 12,800
N Colossal outsider (elemental, extraplanar)
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +20


HP 180
EAC 24; KAC 26
Fort +15; Ref +13; Will +10
DR 10/–; Immunities elemental immunities


Speed 20 ft.
Melee slam +24 (4d6+19B)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 30 ft.


Str +8; Dex +5; Con +3; Int -3; Wis +0; Cha +0
Skills Acrobatics +20, Athletics +20


Void Elementals are creatures native to the transitive plane of hyperspace, where the combined miasma of hyper-spacial accumulation forms beings that share traits similar to the standard elemental. Much like standard elementals, void elementals come in various shapes and sizes, but all of them start with being larger than the average humanoid.

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