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Elemental, Magma (Elder)

Elder Magma Elemental CR 11

This rocky monster glows with an internal heat. Red light spills from its eyes and mouth, as well as fractures in its outer surface.

XP 12,800
N Huge outsider (earth, elemental, extraplanar, fire)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +20


EAC 24; KAC 26
Fort +13, Ref +13, Will +12; DR 10/—; Immunities fire, elemental immunities
Weaknesses vulnerable to cold


Speed 20 ft., burrow 20 ft., earth glide
Melee slam +24 (4d6+19; critical burn 3d4)
Offensive Abilities lava puddle


Str +8, Dex +3, Con +5, Int –1, Wis –, Cha
Skills Athletics +25, Intimidate +20
Languages Ignan


Earth Glide (Ex)

An elder magma elemental can burrow through stone, dirt, lava, or any other kind of earth except metal like a fish swims through water. This leaves no trace or tunnel. The area feels warm for 1 round after its passing and often retains a smooth feel as if it had been polished.

Lava Puddle (Su)

Once per day, a magma elemental can extrude a puddle of lava as a full-round action, filling its space to a depth of 3 inches. This counts as difficult terrain. A creature that moves through the lava takes 2d6 points of fire damage. The damage continues for 1d3 after the creature leaves the lava, though these additional rounds only deal 1d6 damage. After 2 minutes, the lava solidifies and is safe to touch. At the GM’s discretion, while the lava is hot, it can start secondary fires.


Environment any (Plane of Fire)
Organization solitary, pair, or gang (3–8)

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